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As The Fog Lifts…

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

When I am stripped naked and raw by Life
I have learned to not wait so long
Before journeying inward to my
Self of Wisdom

There are times that I sit at my altar
Black and white marbled composition notebook and
Uniball pen in hand…

At other times
I seek answers from You
With a toss of the coins and I Ching text
Close at hand…

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You directlyimmediately
Before my throat constricts and begins to ache with unshed tears
Before my heart breaks from the weight of hidden matters
That grow heavier with neglect and inattention

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You
Without the hesitationmistrustdisbelieffears and doubts
That used to sully our relationship…
Blocking the outer signsinner signalsurgespeopleopportunities
And mysterious inner knowings that now pour into consciousness
Faster than a New York minute
And poof…another obstacle removed…
Another victory over painhumiliation…and mis-comprehensions
Perfect solutions unfolding one by one in perfect order…
From the inside out…as the fog lifts…and I move smoothly on

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