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A Toni Roberts’ Survival Manual:

Portrait of the Artist – Pencil Drawing/Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts










constantly shifting sands







A wee bit of hard-earned Wisdom from an Elder who has survived…nay…thrived…for eighty-one years as an African American woman in racist…sexist…misogynistic America…

Toni Roberts


The Best Days Of My Life…

Woman At Crossroads – Staging/Photograph by Toni Roberts

My life has gotten so very much better these past few months…

And in so many…many ways…both large and small…


 I now live in Peace and Tranquility

Despite all that is happening outside of Self 

This Miracle-of-Being has been achieved by my simply revoking Rulership of this body-mind-soul…

From the Ego

And the transference of Leadership of this Entity called Toni Roberts

To Whatever It is that caused Toni into Being

A total surrender of my human will…to First Cause…by Whatever Name

 I now let IT tell me what to say and do…and how to be

Breath by breath

Moment by moment

Thought by thought

Word by word

Action by action

Day by day


 And I promise you…

Life has never

In all my 81 years

Worked more smoothly

And so completely

On my behalf


And for that…

I am most grateful

 Toni Roberts


Monday’s Message…


View From My Sacred Space – Photograph by Toni Roberts

We are a bodyMindSoul Collective

 It is Time we humans learned to Balance and Harmonize all three Aspects of our Being

Thus…we become Whole 

Our Wholeness is then reflected

From Within


Affecting our immediate environment

 A fragmented humanity thus becomes a Unified Whole 

As it was in the Beginning

 Before the Fall of human  consciousness into the Darkness…

Of the Material World


Toni Roberts


It Is Time For Us To…


Window Altar – photography by Toni Roberts

Release our minds from the tyranny of the human Ego and the false belief that we are here…

In human form on planet Earth

To serve the Flesh



That Which Caused these flesh bodies into Being

Toni Roberts


For Those In The Process Of Awakening…

Daughters of Gaia – Collage/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Those learning to feel safe in a world gone berserk

Those unclenchingletting go…releasing..

Those learning to trust in that which one cannot seetastetouch…or hear

Those learning to have Faith in that which defies the rational mind

Know that it is all PROCESS…this AWAKENING…this coming to recognize what is REAL…and what is but humanmade

This recognition of this three-dimensional reality…this world of glitzglamourhunger and nothing more thanPRODUCT…manufactured by the Collective Imagination of Humanity

Be easy on yourself…


Take time to be still

Be gentle with yourself as you gain the Vision of  a heretofore hidden WORLD…

That gives birthto this physical one…you once believed so real


Know that you are not CRAZY

You are finally AWAKENING from a lifetime of slumber


Ase and Goddess bless. 

Toni Roberts

Happy Beltane…

May Day Celebrations

Little did I know…

This child of Africa

As I danced around the Maypole with my fair-skinned…elementary-school-classmates…that we were…indeed…performing the ancient Beltane Ceremony of Fertility and Sexuality

I wonder if the New York City Board of Education knew…?

Happy Beltane to all of my wild…fair-skinned-East Village-sisters who later taught me to worship the Mother…the changing seasons…and an Inner Wildness that cannot be contained by the flesh…

Ase and Goddess bless us all

Toni Roberts


The Time Has Come…

In Contemplation of GoddessHood – Collage/Drawing/Staging/Photograph by Toni Roberts

For us to lay our ourSelves down at the Altar

The Inner Altar of the IndwellingGod/dess…”

 For WE are the Required Sacrifice

 Our human Ego…Our Self-Centered DesiresGoalsAmbitionsGreedFear

Our Lust for Fame and PowerOur callous Disregard for the Welfare of “Others…”

 The Time has come for each of us to surrender all that we are and ever hope to be…a Total Surrender to That Which Creates and Sustains All There IsEver Was…and Ever Shall Be

 Let us all begin nowbit by bitstep by stepmoment by momentday by dayhour by hourminute by minutethought by thoughtword by wordaction by action

 100 %








Be Still…


Altar Arrangement/Photography by Toni Roberts

And know…


A Love-Filled Heart…

CHAKRA Flowering – Collage/Pencil Drawing/Photography by Toni Roberts

has no room for FEARthe ROOT CAUSE of all that separate us from one another…

Try a little LOVE today…

And watch the MAGIC happen…

Toni Roberts

Sh*t Happens…

The Third Eye – Pencil Drawing/Photography – Toni Roberts

Things change…

Life shifts…

Sh*t happens…



Is the nature of this BEING HUMAN


Toni Roberts


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