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A Bit of I Ching Wisdom for These Trying Days of Our Lives…

(From Hexagram 33: RETREAT)

“…the behavior of the superior (wo/)man toward a climbing inferior; (s/)he retreats into (her/)his own thoughts as the inferior…comes forward. (S/)he does not hate…for hatred is a form of subjective involvement by which we are bound to the hated object. The superior (wo/)man shows strength in that (s/)he brings the inferior to a standstill by (her) his dignified reserve.

(Note: italics are mine)

The I Ching has become a wise and dependable guide on this lifelong Journey to Wholeness. Those interested in learning (remotely) how to use this ancient Chinese oracle in their own spiritual growth and development may contact Toni Roberts, via “message” on her Facebook Page: https//


May our hearts fill with love and our souls remain peacefully connected with the Divine as we follow that deep and ancient Inner Knowledge that knows from whence we came and why. 

I send Peace and Love out to my troubled world. 

Toni Roberts




Another Realization Along This Path To Wholeness…

The Light Dawns; photo by Toni Roberts

The Light Dawns; photo by Toni Roberts

It is imperative that I remember:

   All of the negativity that I see in the outer world…

   Which so disturbs me…

Is simply a reflection of my own

   Internal Shit…


it would behoove me to begin

Clearing out immediately, consciously and conscientiously

   Before it all backs up

   And that will not be pretty

   And so…

As I continue on this Path

I remain ever mindful of that which the I Ching teaches:

You cannot fight corruption with corrupt motives

Injustice with self-serving interests

Or lies with hidden deception

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