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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Autumn Light – Photo by Toni Roberts

My Ultimate Prayer Of Gratitude

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Photo by Toni Roberts


Thank YOU
for my growing faith and trust that all in my life is working in balance and unity
for the best and highest good
of the greatest number of people, situations and events
that are entrained with my own
Energetic Frequency
which is Your Frequency
vibrating through…in…as this body-mind-soul:
receiver, communicator, agent, agency…
human transformer of
Energy to matter…

Thank YOU
for my growing awareness
and the ability to use my dreams
in the successful living of this life…

Thank YOU
for the increased awareness
of all the remaining dark places of my soul
and of the blocks and obstacles that still obstruct my path
the Path that YOU have laid out before me…

Thank YOU
for the gifts of time and freedom
in which to sit daily in the Silence
absorbing knowledge…understanding…love…light
for wise living…

Thank YOU
for the growing desire
to be nothing more than
a bringer of light, peace and harmony
to my world…

Thank YOU
for the joy and excitement
of an ever-unfolding mystery of being
on this ongoing journey
of expanded consciousness…

Thank YOU…



And I am forever grateful to serve Your Divine and Holy Purpose
however that may manifest in my life…

thank you…thank you…thank you…

A Day Of Thanksgiving…

Hutchinson River; Photo by Toni Roberts

Hutchinson River; Photo by Toni Roberts

I give thanks this day

As I reap the gifts of


During this season of the


Long Island Sound; Photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; Photo by Toni Roberts

I am, indeed, enjoying a




From past


Thank you to


   I am, indeed, most


Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:

Thank You…

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC;  photo by Toni Roberts

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC; photo by Toni Roberts


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Mother Nature

You have outdone yourself!

Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Bathing In The Healing Waters Of Gratitude…Of Thanksgiving…

healing waters...

healing waters…

bathing in the healing waters of Gratitude during these days of Thanksgiving…

deep in the dwelling place of Silence



I am here-now

everywhere existing

as intelligent vibrating energy…

a force in motion…

Life Itself

unfolding from the inside out

without rhyme or reason…

making no sense at all

to the rational mind…

The Silence speaks

in shifting sensations

within my heart and solar plexus

words felt in flutters

that rush up

as tears of release…

shape-shifting into joy peace

grateful commitment to

a Nameless Power

a Glorious Mystery

unfolding in through as

all that I am…

as all that there is

I move forward in life

in the spirit of cooperation and love

knowing that all that comes my way…

comes my way

simply to pass

and that every situation…

and everyone within my sphere of influence

is blessed and changed for the better…

and for that–I am most grateful…

Season Of Thanksgiving…

new awakenings...

new awakenings…

new day

new dawn

new awakenings

new understanding





new foundations for being

the river...late fall...

the river…late fall…


everything in flux again

trees changing color and shape daily

this scene, which just weeks ago

days ago?

was lush with the ostentatious ridiculousness of early fall

now pale and emaciated echoes of what was

death slowly encroaching

season of change

of metamorphosis


I hear whispers

see you in the next life

the one that awaits you just around the corner

of coming winter

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