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Yesterday…While Waiting For Buses at Various Bronx Bus Stops…

I decide to search for beauty around me instead of bitching and moaning about the terrible MTA service in the Boogie-Down Bronx; and lo and behold I end up capturing unexpected beauty existing in the midst of the chaos, confusion and heaviness of my surroundings.

photos from 9 14 17 008

Photo by Toni Roberts

Who would believe that one could find such perfection at the corner of Waters Place and Eastchester Road!? This perfectly manicured lawn totally diverts my attention from the insufferable heat and humidity. Perfect beauty.


photos from 9 14 17 021

Looking Up Through the Trees – Photo by Toni Roberts

There is no shade at the next bus stop so I venture into the tiny wooded area behind it and look up at the pattern of trees against sky…so intricately woven by the Hands of Mother Nature.

photos from 9 14 17 026

Looking Through The Interwoven Branches Of Sister Trees – Photo by Toni Roberts

Fascinating how the branches of these two trees reach out to intertwine with one another: Sisters bound in love.



photos from 9 14 17 032

Light Descending – Photo by Toni Roberts

Much later on; weary, hungry and very much out-of-sorts, I find myself at yet another bus stop with an unbelieveable forty minute wait for that final bus home. The magnificence of the sunset, however, soothes my jangled nerves and eases my body’s aches and pains.

photos from 9 14 17 037

Fire In The Sky – Photo by Toni Roberts

Is there anything more spectacular than the show Mother Nature puts on each evening?

photos from 9 14 17 040

Going Out In Blazing Glory – Photo by Toni Roberts

All I could say to this was WOW! What a show!  Keeping me awed, entertained and not homicidal

photos from 9 14 17 047

The Awakening – Photo by Toni Roberts

Who could experience anything other than peace upon beholding this sky?

The splendor of Nature washes away all impatience and bad temper…


photos from 9 14 17 059

May Peace Be Unto Us – Photo by Toni Roberts

And I rode home in peace.
































some days


view 016

Nature’s Glory – View From My Window -Photo by Toni Roberts


I spend hours at my window altar


view 030

The Setting Sun – Photo by Toni Roberts



view 037

Blazing Sunset – Photo by Toni Roberts


totally mesmerized by

nature’s spectacular





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New Year…New Life…New Way of Being…

sunset 1 4 16 014

(photo by Toni Roberts)

I spent so many years of my life

turned outward

looking to the world for a way out of the




searching outside of


for the answers…

      for the solutions to life’s dilemmas…

   another job…

   in the classroom…

   out of the classroom…

   to the corporate world…


the non-profits!

back and forth up and down round and round

until finally




   knocked down…but not out…

by stage 3 breast cancer

   I gave up…

   gave in…







   in the first place…

sunset 1 4 16 004

(photo by Toni Roberts)

  and since then…

IT and i

   have been caught up in a loving embrace…

totally and completely



i have relinquished the lead

and now follow that

   Inner Directive…

   right out of the box of the past…

into a new year

a new life

   a new way of being

Happy 2016 to one and all!

Some Days…

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

there is glory

in just being alive

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