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Nothing Like A Hazy Fall Sunset…


Autumn Sunset Over the Hutch and Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts









If The Nature of “God” Is…

Reflections… – Photograph by Toni Roberts




and we


are made in



has the time not come for us to


from our

2,018-year slumber

and assume our

True Identity?

and if not now…


Today’s Sage Advice From the I Ching…


Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (I) – Photo by Toni Roberts

(Lao Tzu, in the sixth century B.C. elaborates upon the meditative mood as follows:)

“(S/he) who knows does not speak.

(S/he) who speaks does not know.

Close the mouth.

Shut the door of desire.



Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (II) – Photo by Toni Roberts

Blunt the sharpness.

Untie the tangles.

Soften the light.

Become one with the dusty world.”

(Italics mine.)

A Bit Of Wisdom From Poet, THETA BURKE…

artwork river 10 15 14 088

Portrait of the Artist – Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts


I was going through my bookcases earlier today in search of a book that I did not find. Instead, I came upon an old, yellowed book of poetry: SOUNDS OF YOURSELF by Theta Burke. (Copyright 1977 by Theta Burke. Publisher: Delafield Press.) I had made a notation on the title page that the book was a gift from…either Larry or Surry in May of 1979. My handwriting is abominable and my memory not much better for I remember neither a Larry nor a Surry. My apologies to whomever it was who obviously knew my spirit so well.

The poet speaks to my heart. It’s as if her thoughts and words were lifted from my own soul. I hope you get the same pleasure as I from Ms. Burke’s deep understanding of this journey we share as human beings. You will be seeing more of her work in future blogs.

The following poem is from the last section of the book entitled: CONTEMPLATION. I dedicate it to all of you seekers of eternal youth.

Sometimes it appears

that concern with the accumulation of years

is more prevalent with those

who have sought gratification

from physical attributes

and fear their deterioration.


They are ageless

whose beauty of mind

has properly assigned priorities

so that the  passing of the years

only adds facets

which contribute to the richness of the glow.”


Artwork by Toni Roberts available for viewing and purchase at:



The Last Blossoms…

blossom in november cell 003

The Last Blossoms Of Summer- Photo by Toni Roberts


evoke a kind of sadness


blossom in november cell 015

Summer Blossoms In November – Photo by Toni Roberts


summer’s lush beauty

fading in the early fall light…


blossom in november cell 048


autumn death

reclaiming all evidence of












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