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The NEW Spring!

the new spring 2018 012

April 2, 2018 – View From Window I – Photo by Toni Roberts


the new spring 2018 020

April 2, 2018 – View From Window II – Photo by Toni Roberts


and the leader of the free world thinks global warming is a scam made up by the Democrats…


More photography by Toni Roberts:



I Seek Within…


Winter On My Block – Photo by Toni Roberts

and find

both the


and the


to take








“Blizzard” of October 29, 2011–Bronx, NYC

storm-tossed trees

A view from my window of storm-tossed trees

fall-colored leaves barely visible

heavily-laden branches swaying

to the rhythm of an unexpected wild

winter wind

snow monsters

huge, tentacled monsters

crawl slowly along the

snow-whitened grass

overtaking the bench

where I sat

just yesterday

in a quiet



my river

windswept and snow-covered

my river lies barely visible

its autumn clothing

now covered in

winter’s garb

if i were an artist

If I were an artist

this would be an

oil painting

of my river

on october 29, 2011

 if i were a prolific artist

this would be a second rendition!

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