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Before The Storm…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:

Some Days…

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

there is glory

in just being alive

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography Is Available at:

Another Day Of River Gazing…

Hutchinson River & Wetlands; photo by Toni Roberts

Hutchinson River & Wetlands; photo by Toni Roberts

   Don’t have to travel…

Moving this body from place to place

Dragging this


From land to land

Seeking the wherewithal

With which to fill an

   Eternal yearning

My travels are here with


Who lifts me up

Making possible these

Daily Flights

To times and spaces unimaginable to my

Questing heart


My travels are right here with


   Beloved river


Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed and Purchased at:

Retreat…Day 5…”As Above So Below”

river 5 15 2014

river 5 15 2014


My cup runneth over…

Too much to be contained…

As I let

Lady C

  Guide me…

Taking me to places

She would have me see

I walk with increasing confidence

This path of

No Signs

As Above so Below

She reminds me of

This fundamental Rule of Being

You are all “chosen ones

Pre-programmed to

Awaken–NOW– from the dream

In order to serve

Our Common Purpose


You become the

Passageway from




As Above so Below


After The Rain…Light…Understanding…

after the rain...

after the rain…


Instead of drumming this Saturday, I spent quiet time at my window altar–with the river.

Rising above the chatter of my “monkey brain,” I sat in the peaceful silence of my rain-washed world–listening within:

This drumming, my dear–just like the words that you write–comes through you. You, the ego-personality, are not the owner of your creative productions. The words, and sounds come through you from a Source that also determines the why, what, when, where and how of it all.

Do not attempt to order your gifts; trying to determine whence they come and go.

Life is not yours to order. It is yours to remain open, receptive and in service to That Which lies behind, beneath, above and at each side of all form. 

You are learning to understand–and more importantly–to accept and live a reality which is the only authentic Reality there is.

It is a process of opening the heart in trust and releasing the pain you did not know was there.

It is truly living from the inside out: letting your 3-D world unfold in, as and through you; bypassing the ego.

It is not the human way  of being. 

It is a process of “un-conditioning” the mind.

Have patience with yourself.

I am with you.

We are with you.

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