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An Ode to the Nameless One…

jan 27 2012 084Thank You,

Whatever You are.

I waste not “our” time

Trying to name You.

You are the Nameless One…

Yet,  more real to  me

Than the hand that writes these words.

You are intangible,



Inner Vapor…


So beyond my five senses

Yet so real…

So present

In your flow




All that “i” am.

In the Midst of Darkness…

In the Midst of Darkness…

the clouds break

and a rainbow shines through

a sign from the Heavens

that despite  appearances

all is Good

God is in the house

making promises of a tomorrow

that wipes away the pain

of today

Filled With Something Grand…

I am filled with something so grand

I cannot put a name to it

More splendid than a rainbow

A joy embedded so deeply

Within my heart…

Within my being…

Radiating throughout my body

And as it passes through me

It leaves in its wake

A rush of deep gratitude…

A love that spills from my eyes…

I send it to you

Do you feel it?

Right there…radiating from your heart

Pass it on…

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