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great mother et al 063

La Pareja – Photo by Toni Roberts

I place







As I walk


Holy Way


Path of Uncertainty…











Taking A Walk…

outside view 002

My Neighborhood – Photo by Toni Roberts


through my neighborhood…


outside view 004

My Neighborhood II – Photo by Toni Roberts


it’s a day like today

that makes me realize

just how


I am…


outside view 007

My Neighborhood III – Photo by Toni Roberts


to be able to enjoy such






outside view 018

My Neighborhood IV – Photo by Toni Roberts





and other such











Love…Light…Hope…Peace…Strength… Trust…Truth…Unity…

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Blazing Sunset Over The Wetlands and Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


   my prayer for humanity


Today I Am Learning To Be At Peace With…

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Sunset Over the Long Island Sound and Wetlands – Photo by Toni Roberts



of my





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Friday The Thirteenth…


Sunset Friday the Thirteenth – Photo by Toni Roberts


usually my lucky day

not so

   this day…

finally stopped trying to squeeze


out of


and simply sat in the


   and with



  I watched the sun set…

with the descent of darkness

I found



cloud gazing...

cloud gazing…


I give the world and its cares to


or Whatever it is that holds the

sun and moon and stars

in place…

making sure that they arrive at their appointed places

in Time…


I release the challenges, pain and fears of yesterday

I give them back to That Which Knows

from whence they came and why…

cloud gazing II...

cloud gazing II…


I focus on who and what I am and

why I came…

I focus on emptying my mind of all but the peace

I am experiencing

sitting here at my altar

watching the clouds as they drift slowly across the bluest of skies


as they roll slowly along their way…


I learn to shape-shift like the clouds above…

adapting…adjusting and re-adjusting…

bending to the winds of Heaven

so as not to break

cloud gazing III...

cloud gazing III…


The clouds teach me



how to yield gently to  outside pressure

without losing my beauty…

my peace…

my integrity of being…

“Altared” States Five…

“altared” states…

As I sit here daily

“altared” at my altar

I am discovering that there is, indeed, Something here in my heart

that responds to me intelligently and oh, so lovingly

as I push valiantly along this path of no signs.

I have  HELPERS  as real as you and I…

whose words of wisdom and truth

keep me faith-filled and grounded:

God is in charge.

The only sane choice ever…in all matters…is to wait for God to act first.

Keep your focus off of that which you desire.

Turn your attention ever-inward to the Christ Indwelling…

to that “Place” within from which True Life and all Being unfolds.

Remember–you are only a vessel…an instrument…

the vehicle and not the driver…the clay and not the sculptor.

 In this endlessly unfolding human drama…

you are neither playwright nor director…

you are merely an actor…and a bit part player, at that. 

 When you can be perfectly at peace with these Truths of your being…

when you are able to “chop wood and haul water” with joy and gratitude

for being so privileged as to be so used by the Creator

then and only then will you experience peace beyond understanding and

yeah, that kind of rich” abundance.

Remove your attention from the world of form and

keep it glued to the Power which underlies

all that you see.

I  thank you, my Inner TeachersAspects of my Greater Self.

I pledge to You the same faithfulness and constancy that you show me

day by day, step by step as I move prayerfully and cautiously through this  life.

And although I cannot see, touch or hear you with my physical senses

I know that You are indeed, with me always

in all ways.

I know beyond a shadow of doubt

that as I continue seeking the “kingdom” within…

all else shall be added unto me.


Through My Camera’s Eye

same view...many ways of seeing...

could let it the swirling madness of my mind...on occasion...

or other distorted views of reality that I sometimes take for truth...

Like when I see that star above the buildings blinking a secret message that only I can understand

a moment of peace...peace...blessed peace...

peace from another angle is still peace...

Grandfather and I--just a' chillin'

Grandfather, Sacred Messenger of the Ancestors, greets you.

"As above so below."

My man, Marley, sends greetings from the Great Beyond!

Angel Goddess of the altar ignites your heart with Love.

Tambien te ofrece Amor, ella que guarda la ventana.

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