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Returning Whole…


It’s been such a long time since I’ve had the urge to “blog.” I feel as if I am returning from a long voyage.

I was passing one of my collages this morning. It hangs on the wall above the altar in my meditation room that I call my “mojo” altar. That’s where I put symbols of those things I desire to see manifested in this reality. Putting an object, note or image on this altar is simply a way of turning it over to the Power within. It’s a giving-up of the object of desire to THAT from which springs all third-dimensional form.

I probably pass that collage at least fifty times a day. Today, for the first time in years,  I saw it. I was compelled to pick up my camera  and  photograph it. I was carried back to the year of its creation: 1998. The year I quit the last of a long series of well-paying,  part-time jobs that I hated and only took because I believed that a job was (1) protection against poverty  (2) the only way to generate income/money. I then rededicated myself–for the one-hundredth time at least–to my Muse: that Indwelling Intelligence that knows why this “I” had journeyed to the flesh and the way to fulfillment of my purpose in being.

I looked at the collage I had created back then with a kind of appreciation…gratitude for the woman I was then. I took it all in; section by section; image by image, and realized that the woman I was then, was calling into being those aspects of Feminine Power represented by the words and images she had chosen.

It has, indeed, been a long and arduous journey from then to now. However, I am back. And, I have returned WHOLE. All fragmented parts of Self have been reintegrated and are now functioning as ONE–under the direction of the Great Mystery that I call Divine Power–to which I have totally and fully surrendered. 

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