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Ode To The River…Ode To Oshun…

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Moody River & Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


   Just took more photos of the river…

   the river and sound have such a hypnotizing pull on me…

season after season

   year after year…

day after day

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Distant Tugboat…Cloudy Sky – Photo by Toni Roberts


my son says

but ma…

you keeping on taking the same photo

over and over again…”

   he does not see the subtle changes from photo to photo

from day to day

season to season

the shifting shadows

the shimmering light

seasons marked

by the

absence or presence of sailboats on the sound


the stillness or gentle flow of the waters

the tugboat far off in the distance…

the mood of the sky

the shifting shapes of dancing clouds


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Oya Blowing Up A Storm Over The Long Island Sound, NYC – Photo by Toni Roberts



he does not see the subtle differences

from year to year

for he sees only with eyes

while I see with heart and soul

this river and sound that are kin to me…

this river that has held-rocked-soothed-nourished-and-healed-me

through twenty-four years of





and the




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Storm Clouds Over The Wetlands & Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


he does not see this




  as I do…

for it is


life itself

that is

reflected in the waters below…



Photos and More by Toni Roberts:


















Was This Not…

rainy day 021

Rainy Day Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts

an even more delicious day

   than the sunshine and calm blue skies of yesterday?

rainy day 030

Indoors On A Rainy Day – Photo by Toni Roberts





noisy splatters of raindrops


boisterous winds

intruding upon the


of  my




clear away the debris that clogs the mind and soul

whip up the waters!

cleanse this vessel!

ready it for the

Holy Work

   for which the Soul has come

Ode to Oya…

Blow, Wind, Blow

Clear the land

Sweep away the mental debris

Which clogs my mind

Clear away the poisonous thoughts

The lies and other man-made falsehoods

That fill my consciousness

And direct my actions

Free me, Oya!

Transform my being

That I may dance the dance of Prayer with You

Swaying to the Divine Rhythms of Life

Clear the way, Oya!

Make entrance within

So that I may receive

Our fiery Lover, Chango

Who comes in





“Hybrid” Storm Sandy…We’re Having A Healing!

I sit here at my window altar

watching what the weathermen have named:

a hybrid storm…

If I recall correctly,

It was the same time last year

that I sat here at my window altar watching

that freak October 2011 blizzard

drop tons of snow upon the autumn trees…

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

I now watch my beloved river below...swollen

all traces of the wetlands gone…

submerged below the rapidly rolling waters…

A river on a mission…

Armies of foam-capped wavelets

rushing to some mysterious destination…

hurrying to join Forces with Yemaya

One thousand Ochuns tearing downriver

to join the waters of Pelham Bay and the Long Island Sound

to meld with the Mother of the Fishes...

There is work to do…

The Wind, Oya, roars and taunts

as She hurries the foam-capped wavelets along…

There is work to do…work to do…

A leveling of the land…

A returning to the Mother of

those who have gotten quite

beside themselves…

forgetting that they too are spirit and

subject to the

Will of The One

The Forces of the Feminine are being unleashed


Feminine Power


I am blessed to bear witness to this spectacular,

outrageous performance of

Righteous Anger…

The Great Goddess Orishas: Yemaya, Ochun and Oya

will no longer be ignored…

It is Wake-Up Time

Time to wake-up and remember

A major Heavenly Event is in progress…

happening–as my Teacher, August Gold–would say:

“not to us…but for us…”

Saving us from ourselves…

Teaching us to see the reflection of our own tortured and troubled souls

in the outer storms we witness…

The macro and the micro

Above and below

Inner and outer

A never-ending dance of self-reflection…

A kaleidoscope of self reflecting self

We’re having a Healing!

A cleansing of the land…

A cleansing of our hearts…

We’re having a Holy Healing!

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