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Let Your Inner Goddess Shine This Holiday Season!

Vintage Magnifying Glass Pendant

Vintage Magnifying Glass Pendant

Rose quartz to attract LOVE!

Turquoise for creativity and sharpened intuition

Malachite for spiritual transformation

Hematite for sharp mind and enhanced memory

Swarovski Crystals for that sparkle of femininity

Collector's Item Pendant

Collector’s Item Pendant

First in a series of unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces handcrafted by Toni Roberts

Easy Open-Close Sterling Silver Clasp

Easy Open-Close Sterling Silver Clasp

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(Coyright 2013 Toni Roberts; All rights reserved)

When Life Flips the Script!

healing altar...

healing altar…

It’s amazing how Life can “flip the script”

in less than twenty-four hours!

After the beauty of yesterday…

which can only be described as a

Gift from the Goddess…

This morning I found myself wailing,

moaning and gnashing my teeth

over the latest heartbreaking news

about someone





And so,

I went and sat at my window altar

to call upon the

River Goddess,

My Beloved Oshun,

whose Spirit flows within my veins.

healing altar shot 2...

healing altar shot 2…

I share Her message with

anyone whose heart has been broken…

is now broken…

or will surely be broken…

before Life is done with you:

There are FORCES beyond your limited human comprehension

or ability to understand what is at work here

concerning X’s birth…

including the very location of his birthplace…

NOTHING is by accident.

All is in Divine Order;

Part of a Greater Order

the Whole of which is impossible to fathom

from a human, third-dimensional vantage point.

What is required of you


is surrender to the situation;

knowing without DOUBT and FEAR




extending into what humans experience as:


Know that Those Who Are In Charge

of creating Form at your level of existence

will be handling all of your problems

this day–

as well as the remaining days of your life–

unto all Eternity.

And no, although WE appreciate your offer,

WE will not be requiring your assistance.

What you may do for US, however, 

is to empty yourself of everything you have previously held as

infallible, scientifically-proven


and then hold that space


for us to fill with


And do have a joy-filled day!



It began with guilt. I could not summon up the energy–the will–to go out into this oppressive,  New York-in-August-heat to visit my ninety-two year old; “Alzheimer-ed” mother.

I do wish to do right by her instead of just being what she deserves–what she has sown.

Found myself forgiving her–again–for all of those things real and imagined that I’m still holding against her thus preventing the full influx of God Power.

I forgive you, mother. God forgives you. Forgive yourself and thus release your troubled soul–freeing it to journey back HOME where we shall surely meet again.

And in the next lifetime–should there be another lifetime for each or either of us–let us come together in peace, tolerance and love…

I release us both  from all that came before this awakening…

I release us to the Love of God.

celebration of gratitude…

I am so thankful that I am not the boss of this life

The I that I AM takes back control from the frightened, conditioned Ego…

This Ego that refuses to accept…to submit to Something Higher than Itself…

This Ego that has assigned Itself the role of directing  human consciousness

This Ego Who, with false Pride and Iron Hand maintains the illusion of personal control


Good-bye Pride…

Adios, Ego…

I bid you both adieu

As I bow down before

The Anointed One

Whom I am here to serve

As holy instrument and

Divine vehicle of Love…

An unsullied vessel through which

peace, light and healing may flow…

Blessing this life I call mine

Plus the lives of all…

In and out of the flesh

Whose energy touches mine


I hereby release all the deceptions, fear-based beliefs and

Conditioning of this world as I slowly and gratefully awaken to

Truth and Reality



I am the Yielding


Receptive Darkness of Being

the Feminine Aspect of this

Holy Collaboration…

I obey…

I follow…

I open and receive the


light and dark...yang and yin...the holy marriage...

I release the whole fantasy of what it means to be a human on planet earth

I let go of the dream of human power

I release my illusions and delusions about reality

and turn over the reins of this life to

Whatever the Source is from Which

my being flows…

I surrender

And in this Holy Surrender

the sun blazes…

My life unfolds…effortlessly

Peace…joy…comfort and immediate answers

to mind-numbing



make themselves apparent


The living of life becomes magical

no struggle…no fight…

no pushing against the forces of Creation

Resolutions unfold like the petals of a rose…

The solution is contained within the very same seed

that houses the obstacle…

Like the rose and its thorns…

Holy Voodoo...

Reality shifts…

Understanding and Clarity take hold…

the world you’ve been conditioned into believing real

the one in which the ego believes itself the source of  power

gives way to the Invisible Realm

to that elusive realm of Spirit…that place of Holy Voodoo…

And life becomes a reflection of

the Inner Fire

that brilliant ray of Inner Light and Love that is

Creation Itself…

And you begin to know yourself as a channel…

clear and  unsullied through which


Hanging On a Meat Rack in Hell



Hanging On a Meat Rack in Hell

My last blog? February 2, 2012. And where have I been for more than a month? Hanging on a meat rack in hell!! Closeted away with all of my hidden fears, shadow selves and yucky, dark ugliness hidden in the corners of my heart. Face to face with my denials. The walls of all my false assumptions and constructs ruthlessly ripped down…exposing me to rooms within the temple of my being, of whose existence I was totally ignorant. Every ugly, feared circumstance and event bursting onto the stage of my life with a vengeance. Challenges at every turn. Dumb, blind, disabled.

But I hung on. I persevered, clinging steadfastly to that invisible hand that reached out to me from nowhere. I followed the path of my two feet as I moved blindly along in the darkness—sensing by faith alone the light before me. I refused to let that fundamental Fear which inhabits the very gut of humanity shake me loose from the Truth of my Being. And thus, I have walked out of hell back into the light of this glorious, pre-spring afternoon. Once again, I am free. I step gingerly into a new phase of this process of initiation. I move step by careful step…day by day back out into the world created by humanity. Ever cautious of remaining in it but not of it.

My journey to the underworld was not without great lessons and benefits. I now know without a doubt and from personal experience and not hearsay, that as long as this human-ego-personality-self continues to move through this third-dimensional realm totally committed to the authentic Driver of this flesh vehicle; with my heart and will surrendered to the Oars-Woman who rows this boat down the river of life—this life of mine shall unfold smoothly—from the inside out—with fewer side trips to Hades.

It is also becoming crystal clear that the hell in which I found myself hanging was created by my own thoughts and emotions. I am seeing that we create our individual and collective hells from an invisible, mysterious, obedient to our mental and emotional demandsGod-Stuff.” As I grow in understanding and acceptance of what iswhatever it isregardless of how I perceive it—all things ultimately work out for my highest good and the highest good of all whose lives intersect with mine. What is needed from me is simply acceptance, patience and a persevering steadfastness of spirit—in the face of all fear and doubt.

And so, I move forward this day consciously generating and discharging into my world, strong waves of gratitude and love. This I do every single time I become aware of thinking a thought and/or feeling a feeling. For thought-forms and feelings (i.e., e-motions or energy-in-motion) are the building blocks of our third dimensional, human reality. Thus, I am becoming a co-creator or facilitator in what is, in essence, a Divine—for lack of another word—process or experience of being in a human form within this “space” that we’ve named planet earth.

By offering myself up as a clear, empty instrument or vessel of so-called Divine Energy, I become one with IT—separated from this humanly constructed, fear-based reality—and in a constant and conscious state of AT-ONE-MENT.

Thus I wait in patient anticipation to see what glory unfolds next in, as and through this bubble-in-the Cosmic-Soup-that “i” am.

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