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At My Window Altar…

new altar shots 012

Window Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts







new altar shots 028

Window Altar II – Photo by Toni Roberts


that there is nothing to do



nowhere to go



no one to  become but

















Today I Am Learning To…

cloudy sky 019

Storm Clouds Over The Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


be okay with not knowing or understanding

and simply resting in what is







Eternal Being…


Rock–Photo by Toni Roberts




Photography by Toni Roberts:


I Am Finding…



that everything in my life flows in TIMEon time

with all the pieces fitting together nicely

to make one beautiful whole…

that when I hold my fourth and second CHAKRAS

in an open and receptive YIN position…

perfect YANG energy appears in my life

in the form of a man whose energetic frequency

vibrates at a rate fully complementary

to my own vibrational frequency

that it does not matter how many years

I have inhabited this human form…

for as long as I leave myself open and receptive

I am born again and again…

and each new woman

comes into being

in the full and lusty expression of her

Goddess Self

that whenever I surrender

to the so-called Divine

I am–in Truth–turning my life over to

a built-in, self-correcting system

of planetary evolution…

and that learning to trust this

Great Mystery of evolution

is a process...

and that the more I trust this process

the more I am rewarded...

and the more I am rewarded

the more I trust this process

And finally…

I am finding that “God” really does not need

my assistance in all of this…

just my willingness…

A Little Birdie Told Me…

a little birdie told me…

A little birdie–or maybe it wasn’t a little birdie–

but a big-ass pigeon–

landed on my windowsill this morning;

a brazen, little beast was he.

He didn’t shy–or fly away when I came up to the window–

but stood his ground.

“Hey, pigeon,” I asked,

“What message did you come to deliver to me?”

I then sat

in silence

before the window

and listened.

Sure enough, after a long silent while

my Messenger Pigeon began to speak:

“Slow down. Be cool fool. Chill Mill. You are on a journey of evolution. This is a process of becoming. I know, nothing is going your way. None of the things, events, circumstances for which you lust are manifesting. You must understand that NO THING that is not in alignment with your Divine Purposecan manifest.  You have already committed to The One. You’ve already turned over…surrendered the remainder of this incarnation to That Which Caused you–as you know yourself–into being. Period.

“You are AT-ONE. The Atonement is complete; solid. We are here and you are aware of our Presence.

“Fear not. That is your last stumbling block: Fear.  But as We continue demonstrating to you in the world of form–that so mesmerizes you who are caught up in the human drama-myth of separation–that there is NO THING TO FEAR FOR WE ARE WITH YOU–the fear will dissipate. It will lose its hold on your mind as your belief in the validity of the 3-D-world-of-form begins to loosen its stronghold on your mind.

“Take five, my dear! Give yourself a break. Rest. Back-off. Relax. Let. Allow. Relinquish that false sense of control.

“I’m off now, Dearie. Got a few more messages to deliver before returning HOME.

“Don’t you be jealous, now, dear child. One day, you too will be flying HOME. However, for now, you’ve got work to do…wood to chopwater to haul…all of it sacred work.”

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