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Some Thoughts On Old Age…Disease…And Dying…

Moon Shine

Moon Shine – Photo by Toni Roberts


The other day, during a telephone conversation (Yes, some of us still have telephone conversations…via landlines, no less.) an old friend of mine asked: “So what are you up to these days?” She had just finished describing her days of managing an “illness”—which she fully owned years ago—along with all the other obstacles and mundane matters of living in this world.

After listening to my list of daily activities, i.e., my daily spiritual practice; blogging, crafting one-of-a-kind necklaces; my attempts at creating a website—where I can sell these necklaces—plus my photography projects; and on and on and on. Poor thing I wanted to say to her, “No, my love. Keeping busy is what you do. I, on the other hand, am continuing to engage LIFE thus holding this body mind-soul back from that inevitable process of breaking down and withering away into dust…that process we call disease and dying…and which we anticipate happening to us when we reach what we humans call “old age.”  (And that varies with one’s mindset and lifestyle!)

But, of course, good breeding prevented me from saying any of that. Plus, I knew that I always had my Blog: and this Facebook Page: in which to vent!

Thank you, for bearing with me. But please, think about it. How is it that some of us can move joyfully, healthily and actively into our seventies and eighties…while most others of us begin the disease and dying process, right-on-time, as if programmed to do so?

Comments are welcome!

Ah…and one more thing…before you start talking about DNA and genes…do a bit of research into the latest findings in the field of Epigenetics.

On Death…Dying…And Diseases Of Old Age…

Stock Photo

Stock Photo

as I reach another fork in the road

it occurs to me that

old age…aging…

diseases of old age

   and all that


are mere



collective human creation

and although it saddens me

to lose beloved friends and lifelong companions who

one by one

are buying into to the


   I refuse to follow them…

and thus

I find myself


and once again at

   another fork in the road...

   do I go left…

joining my loved ones

who now drag worn and tired bodies

down the known paths of:

old age…disease…death


do I veer right

only to find myself once again

treading the

lonely dark path


the unknown

with only





trust in the invisible

to light my way to

continued health


ceaseless renewal



endless creativity

and the

ultimate fulfillment

of my




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