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April 25… Aries Full Moon…Moon of Resurrection…Incoming Message…

magical moon shots

magical moon shots

From ancient times unto this day

At the Aries or Spring Full Moon,

Humanity has celebrated

The coming of the Light,

Re-birth and Resurrection.

In this season of Re-birth and Resurrection

Know that the Divine Light implanted within your DNA

Can be awakened at each season of Spring.

All that is required for re-birth and fulfillment,

Is the letting go of  human plans and schemes

formulated in long, winter dreams.

The act of surrender to the Ruler-ship of Divine Light

Implants a new dream in Consciousness;

And with that dream

Comes its path to fulfillment.

It is only through surrender to the Great Mystery

That we are lead back into the Darkness

Where shines

The Holy Light

Which shows the Way.

May the Divine Light

Be resurrected within your heart;

Healing, guiding  and making of you

A vessel of Divine Love

In the world.

Today Belongs To Me And The Sky…

heavenly majesty

heavenly majesty

An incorrigible cloud-gazer am I

Can’t help it

Who could resist the majesty of the sky today?

sunset 3 26 2013 020

Surely not I


I gave my life…

the focus of my attention

to the world

and its myriad




leaking faucets

maintenance men

dental appointments

the bank

the supermarket…

sunset 3 26 2013 037

Today, however,

belongs to me and the sky…

sunset 3 26 2013 022

I just might sit here at my window altar

sunset 3 26 2013 024

gazing at the majesty of

Mother Nature

until nightfall

sunset 3 26 2013 030

when the glory of

Mother Moon

sunset 3 26 2013 032

takes over the skies…


cloud gazing...

cloud gazing…


I give the world and its cares to


or Whatever it is that holds the

sun and moon and stars

in place…

making sure that they arrive at their appointed places

in Time…


I release the challenges, pain and fears of yesterday

I give them back to That Which Knows

from whence they came and why…

cloud gazing II...

cloud gazing II…


I focus on who and what I am and

why I came…

I focus on emptying my mind of all but the peace

I am experiencing

sitting here at my altar

watching the clouds as they drift slowly across the bluest of skies


as they roll slowly along their way…


I learn to shape-shift like the clouds above…

adapting…adjusting and re-adjusting…

bending to the winds of Heaven

so as not to break

cloud gazing III...

cloud gazing III…


The clouds teach me



how to yield gently to  outside pressure

without losing my beauty…

my peace…

my integrity of being…

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