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Wisdom From Bear Totem…

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Bear & Madonna – Photo by Toni Roberts







shameless, naked


is merely an

outward manifestation


















On The Eve Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration…


View From My Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts

Today, on the eve of President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America, I sit here at my altar in deep introspection and self-evaluation. For am I not just as responsible for a “President Trump” as “those people,” the “others” who voted this sad example of humanity into the presidency? For who among us “do-gooders,” “free-choicers,” “equal-righters” and freedom-loving folks, has not had her moments of pure, unadulterated greed; of taking what we want when we want it and the consequences—be damned—including those who might be hurt by our actions or words. And who among us has not looked at a “white,” or “black,” or Latino or any other of the marvelous hues and varieties we humans come in, and had thoughts that could not be described as “brotherly.”


We areTRUMP.” Some of us are closet Trumps and some of us are boldly “out.” For there could be no “TRUMP” without the consciousness and behaviors that create, protect, support and nurture that which Donald Trump represents, i.e., banks too big to fail, Corporate titans who with godlike power plunder and desecrate the planet and humanity. Money, wealth, power and material acquisition have become the American creed for which our government bombs nations of “others” into dust and to which our children are groomed to pledge their allegiance and undying effort.


It is time for us Americans to take individual and collective responsibility for the reality of a “President Trump”—as difficult as that may be for many of us to articulate much less accept as physical reality. It’s time to take a deep collective breath and just suck it up! Accept that which we cannot change as we accept our responsibility in its creation. Our energy—which is finite—would be better spent in introspection. And instead name-calling, blame-placing and fear-driven, knee-jerk reactions, our individual and collective energies would be better spent in self-examination and self-correction so that we may eventually steer the course of this potentially great nation toward peace among all peoples and the preparation of planet earth for a conscious and evolved entry into the multiverse.

Trump is right on time! Let us not be blind to the lessons he’s come to force us into learning! Let us take a few calm, deep breaths as we accept full responsibility for being part and parcel of a culture…a people…a nation that creates, protects, nurtures, promotes and encourages its Donald Trumps.





Journal Entries: 3/1/08 through 3/4/08

just chugging along...

Journal Entries: 3/1/08 through 3/4/08


I will continue putting one foot before the other and see what happens in my life. I will stop obsessing over the where, why, how, who and when of whatever is to come next in this life or body. I release all concern, as in “take no thought,” for money, health or the future.

I am, of course, curious about what will unfold in this experience of being. I, however, accept what is here-now and the fact that I simply do not know what is going on in the “Mind of God.” (Human language is so limiting. That is the closest I can come to in naming that Unnameable, that Unknowable Mystery that I feel within me; underpinning this life, this reality though which I am moving.) All I do know, from that same deep place of feeling that does not appear on x-rays or MRI’s, is that in the final analysis, it is my obsession with the illusion of control that has gotten me in this pickle in the first place. My intelligence now supports the release of the illusion that I am in control of anything beyond the choice to follow the voices of the world or that one strong inaudible voice emanating from within the depths of my Soul or Essential Self.

And so, I accept that the time has come for me to let go and let this “God” do whatever it is that “God” is doing with this life and body that indeed belong to IT: The One Creator of All There Is.


Impressions from Today’s Meditation:

Stayed in the peace…the stillness…the Silence for a while; recharging my batteries; receiving the wherewithal to again enter the world and take care of pressing financial matters that I must take care if—like it or not—ready or not. I am ready for money to begin to flow easily and abundantly. I do believe that abundance is the truth of reality and that need and want are the results of errors in human thinking—in our basic beliefs about who and what we are. We are ignorant of the fact that we humans are limited. True freedom is conditioned upon the degree of one’s submission to That Which Caused Us into Being.

Mantrum for the Day (Repeated silently every time I become aware of thinking.):

Money flows to me easily and abundantly. I spend it with wisdom and have plenty left over to spare and to share. I Thank You, Supplier and Source of all that I need for fullness and fulfillment of life and self.


Insight about Money:

My Self is now leading me through this experience in order for me to move through self-created obstacles in my Money House.

I know that these challenging financial experiences are related and, the way in which I resolve or move through them, will determine the quality of my future relationship with money. The future flow of abundance or lack thereof, in the form of money, is now being determined by my current choices, beliefs, decisions and actions revolving around my finances and the money that now passes through my hands and checking account.

This is, indeed, an opportunity for me to resolve the crystallization surrounding MONEY and its liquidity—its flow through my life: in and out…like the breath. And like the breath this flow is life sustaining; for in this physical realm, money is as essential as the breath, to the sustenance of human life.

Money is merely another form of Spirit. And I am now in the process of unclogging that channel. It does not matter how it got blocked. What does matter is that I continue with this unblocking experience. Deeper understanding will come.

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