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How I’ve Maintained My Size 12 Figure For The Past 4 Decades…

Happiness – Healing Altar Series  – Photo by Toni Roberts

It’s all about my attitude towards food.

The only reason I eat is to maintain a healthy and useful body for as long as my Soul needs it’s “flesh suit” to navigate this third dimension.

And that will be for as long as SPIRIT needs the Soul to do ITS Work.

Food is neither my lover nor my emotional comfort in times of pain.

Nor is it a substitute for the understanding and acceptance of my life and self as they are. For understanding and acceptance…I go to SPIRIT…not food.


However…being the imperfect human that I am, there are times that I fall out-of-balance; become unglued and off-center. Those are the times I find myself living to eat instead of eating to live…I wake up one day realizing that the chocolate chip cookies and brownies to which I’ve been addicted for the past month or so…have taken the place of reaching out and giving…rather than seeking

I then wake up again and turn away from self-involvementself-interestsself-gratificationwhat I wantwhat I need

I turn once again to seeking how I may give…whom I can serveright now...right herewith who I am and what I currently possess

It is then that the hungry monster that demands appeasement with comfort foods and sweets disappears. And I continue eating to live…living to give


And that is how I’ve arrived at age 79, wearing the same size 12, that I did at age 40…and if I may add…a pretty fit and healthy 79 year old size 12…


Healing Altar Series by Toni Roberts:


On Remaining Steadfast Before The Lies Of Reality…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

sitting here at my window altar…

remembering the words of a wise and kind Yoga teacher

spoken to me in compassion and commiseration

way back in another lifetime…

he, too, had received and responded to

a message from his soul

in the form of



he cautioned

“No matter how bad things get

we must cling fast to the


and the



   we are…”

and so


as I sit mesmerized by the beauty that unfolds before my gaze

   I push on


continuing to believe

the whisperings of my soul

those inner voices that speak



in the face of the










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