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Life On The River…

"Life on the River One"  (2010) by toniroberts

Life On The River – Photo by Toni Roberts

Enhance the beauty of your living space with a photograph that captures the peaceful tranquility of life on the Hutchinson River and Long Island Sound, NYC.

I share my exquisite view with you.

More photographs by Toni Roberts:




imported sat 9 16 055

Clouds Of Hope – Photo by Toni Roberts


imported sat 9 16 054

Clouds Of Hope II – Photo by Toni Roberts


Couldn’t resist such beauty!


Today I Am…

view 016

Hutchinson River Wetlands & Long Island Sound, NYC – Photo by Toni Roberts
























some days


view 016

Nature’s Glory – View From My Window -Photo by Toni Roberts


I spend hours at my window altar


view 030

The Setting Sun – Photo by Toni Roberts



view 037

Blazing Sunset – Photo by Toni Roberts


totally mesmerized by

nature’s spectacular





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Today I Am Learning To…

cloudy sky 019

Storm Clouds Over The Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


be okay with not knowing or understanding

and simply resting in what is









Memories – Photo of photo on altar; by Toni Roberts

Windswept beach

Moonlight walks






to clear out

Inner Space








Before Entering 2017…

I take this moment to look back over



I focus only on the blessings

The miracles both small and grand

Wrought by Some Great Mystery…


Like the miracle of this view…

Twenty stories above the Hutchinson River and Long Island Sound

A $12,000-a-month vista if viewed from a Manhattan High-Rise…

Instead of from a bedroom window in the “Boogie-Down Bronx…”



View from My Window: Hutchinson River & Long Island Sound/Photo by Toni Roberts


And the miracle of this spaciouspalatial apartment

That has been totally renovated

Over the past two months…

Right down to the hardwood floors

And brand new kitchen

Whose countertops may be fake granite…but HELL

The entire apartment makeover was



And so…

I bid adieu to the pain of yesterday…

As I leave my Dearly Departed in peace…

And turn my vision forward on this mysterious journey

Called human life on planet earth…

A journey filled as much with painuncertainty…and confusion

As it is with inexplicable joy and unasked for

Gifts of The Spirit!




Y muy bienvenido…


Thank You…

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC;  photo by Toni Roberts

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC; photo by Toni Roberts


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Mother Nature

You have outdone yourself!

Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Sunset Over The River

river sunset 5 23 2014

river sunset 5 23 2014


words are superfluous…

“Hybrid” Storm Sandy…We’re Having A Healing!

I sit here at my window altar

watching what the weathermen have named:

a hybrid storm…

If I recall correctly,

It was the same time last year

that I sat here at my window altar watching

that freak October 2011 blizzard

drop tons of snow upon the autumn trees…

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

I now watch my beloved river below...swollen

all traces of the wetlands gone…

submerged below the rapidly rolling waters…

A river on a mission…

Armies of foam-capped wavelets

rushing to some mysterious destination…

hurrying to join Forces with Yemaya

One thousand Ochuns tearing downriver

to join the waters of Pelham Bay and the Long Island Sound

to meld with the Mother of the Fishes...

There is work to do…

The Wind, Oya, roars and taunts

as She hurries the foam-capped wavelets along…

There is work to do…work to do…

A leveling of the land…

A returning to the Mother of

those who have gotten quite

beside themselves…

forgetting that they too are spirit and

subject to the

Will of The One

The Forces of the Feminine are being unleashed


Feminine Power


I am blessed to bear witness to this spectacular,

outrageous performance of

Righteous Anger…

The Great Goddess Orishas: Yemaya, Ochun and Oya

will no longer be ignored…

It is Wake-Up Time

Time to wake-up and remember

A major Heavenly Event is in progress…

happening–as my Teacher, August Gold–would say:

“not to us…but for us…”

Saving us from ourselves…

Teaching us to see the reflection of our own tortured and troubled souls

in the outer storms we witness…

The macro and the micro

Above and below

Inner and outer

A never-ending dance of self-reflection…

A kaleidoscope of self reflecting self

We’re having a Healing!

A cleansing of the land…

A cleansing of our hearts…

We’re having a Holy Healing!

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