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Whenever FEAR Rears Its Ugly Head…

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Light & Shadow On The Water – Photo by Toni Roberts


as it is prone to do

sooner or later…

under one set of circumstances

or another…

I simply take


in hand and allow





that is part of




to lead us both

out of the


and into
















Ode To The River…Ode To Oshun…

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Moody River & Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


   Just took more photos of the river…

   the river and sound have such a hypnotizing pull on me…

season after season

   year after year…

day after day

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Distant Tugboat…Cloudy Sky – Photo by Toni Roberts


my son says

but ma…

you keeping on taking the same photo

over and over again…”

   he does not see the subtle changes from photo to photo

from day to day

season to season

the shifting shadows

the shimmering light

seasons marked

by the

absence or presence of sailboats on the sound


the stillness or gentle flow of the waters

the tugboat far off in the distance…

the mood of the sky

the shifting shapes of dancing clouds


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Oya Blowing Up A Storm Over The Long Island Sound, NYC – Photo by Toni Roberts



he does not see the subtle differences

from year to year

for he sees only with eyes

while I see with heart and soul

this river and sound that are kin to me…

this river that has held-rocked-soothed-nourished-and-healed-me

through twenty-four years of





and the




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Storm Clouds Over The Wetlands & Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


he does not see this




  as I do…

for it is


life itself

that is

reflected in the waters below…



Photos and More by Toni Roberts:


















I Am Learning…

fog la pareja etc 002

Reflections – Photo by Toni Roberts


to permit


fog la pareja etc 030

Fog Rolling In – Photo by Toni Roberts


each moment of my life

   to unfold…


fog la pareja etc 036

La Pareja Con El Arte de Kathy Vega – Photo by Toni Roberts


   as it may





More of Toni Roberts’ Work:


A Day With K. In Central Park…

Am taking a day of quiet, solitude and contemplation. Reliving Friday. Spent the day in Central Park with my “sister-friend,” (to borrow V.’s phrase) K. I allowed her to lead me in a walk through the park to places I’d never been which turned out to be a metaphor for my current life lessons…

Central Park, NYC…secret tunnels leading to the unknown…

Like: the repetition of old behaviors is the root of every heartache and disappointment.

Central Park, NYC…off the beaten path…

Am realizing…

my whole life is my creation…

everyone, everything, every event and experience

is Self creating the lessons that “i ” am here to learn…

Self presenting me with mysteries that only “i” can solve…

My life is a Soul-inspired novela

peopled with characters who are mere reflections

of those aspects of  self that I would prefer to not see…

And those 3-D dramas that I find myself caught up in?

Simply denied fears, doubts and conflicts that

I am conveniently projecting outward…

onto the world

Central Park, NYC…hidden corners of paradise…

Central Park, NYC…light…dark…shadows…reflections upon the waters of emotion…

Central Park, NYC…Life keeps on keeping on even when finding Itself between a rock and hard place…

Central Park, NYC…even in entanglement…the pure beauty of nature shines through…

Central Park, NYC…at rest…

Thank you, my dear friend for an enlightening journey

through Central Park

to places

I’ve never been

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