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I Am Learning…

fog la pareja etc 002

Reflections – Photo by Toni Roberts


to permit


fog la pareja etc 030

Fog Rolling In – Photo by Toni Roberts


each moment of my life

   to unfold…


fog la pareja etc 036

La Pareja Con El Arte de Kathy Vega – Photo by Toni Roberts


   as it may





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Today Belongs To Me And The Sky…

heavenly majesty

heavenly majesty

An incorrigible cloud-gazer am I

Can’t help it

Who could resist the majesty of the sky today?

sunset 3 26 2013 020

Surely not I


I gave my life…

the focus of my attention

to the world

and its myriad




leaking faucets

maintenance men

dental appointments

the bank

the supermarket…

sunset 3 26 2013 037

Today, however,

belongs to me and the sky…

sunset 3 26 2013 022

I just might sit here at my window altar

sunset 3 26 2013 024

gazing at the majesty of

Mother Nature

until nightfall

sunset 3 26 2013 030

when the glory of

Mother Moon

sunset 3 26 2013 032

takes over the skies…

Reflections On A Rainy Day…


I am here to serve by being

I am part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding and expanding Creation

The more I quiet the intensity

of my human desires…

the more my will becomes one with the

Will of God

I owe God the proper upkeep of this body

and in order to do so

I must avail myself of every human means

until the body falls under the complete control of the Godhead


the indwelling Christ

at which time

the body is re-formed, re-newed and maintained

without interruption

I am here to serve as a


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