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Love…Light…Hope…Peace…Strength… Trust…Truth…Unity…

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Blazing Sunset Over The Wetlands and Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


   my prayer for humanity



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Clouds Of Hope – Photo by Toni Roberts


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Clouds Of Hope II – Photo by Toni Roberts


Couldn’t resist such beauty!


There’s Hope, America!

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Double Rainbow Over the Hutchinson River & Long Island Sound – Photo by Toni Roberts


like we used to say in the 60’s

when we were

Black & Proud!”







Hope Springs Eternal

flowers two steps of new dawn patricia bolivar.JPG

Photo credit: Patricia Bolivar; 7/9/16 Steps of New Dawn Foundation

flowers three steps of new dawn patricia bolivar.JPG

Photo credit: Patricia Bolivar; Perspective shot; Steps of New Dawn Foundation; 7/9/16

Whenever I feel down, defeated, overcome and depressed, all I have to do is look at these photos! Two friends and I attended a “sweat” this past Saturday at the New Dawn Foundation in New Rochelle, NY; and as we mounted the entrance steps what greeted us but a message from Mother Nature about never giving up…about how the seemingly impossible can and does occur. Not only did this brave little warrior of a plant coming up from a crack in the wall not give up its quest to reach the light from its home deep in the darkness below concrete steps, it had the bodacious audacity to blossom in its victory! I was caught without my camera but my friend, Patricia Bolivar, came to the rescue with her smart phone! Does this photo not lift your heart?

The Promise of Light…

sometimes my world is unbelievably bleak…

enveloped in darkness…

out of balance…off-kilter…

but yet…within the very darkness

is hope…

the promise of light

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