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Re-birthing A New Humanity…A New World Order…

sky moon 9 26 15 013

Photo by Toni Roberts


 She, speaking softly

From the folds

Of the wet, dark place

Tells of Her thousand pleasures

What perverse misconstruction, asks She

Tells you that I am not the Center?

The seat of your being…of life itself?

Why know you not that mine is the passageway to heaven?

Through mine Divine Portals

The breath of life blows

To scatter seeds

Of being

What say you? Asks He

This talk of holy entrance?

The seat of life?

The passageway to heaven?

The way to heaven is through me

What know you of pleasure, indeed?

You, who are bound to earth

To moaning, groaning, writhing and wailing

In ecstasies of the flesh

What know you of the pleasure

Of a bursting star?

Of universes that explode into being

From molten lava

Which rises from my peak?

Fool above

I hear you speak

Know you not the Source

Of the sun-kissed fluid

That ignites within you the spark of life?

A sad and lifeless sack of dry grey matter

Would you be

Were it not

For Me

Great Darkness below,

O wanton one of earth and flesh

Dare you imply

That rank and reeking place

Where you reside

The Source

Of my sweet elixir of life?

To be sure

My Lord,

That’s what I speak.

Come down to see

How from a thousand ecstasies

Flows the golden fluid

So vital to

Both you and me

What say you

O’ Fierce and Fearless Ruler

Of the realm above?

Pierce the dark, warm wetness

Of My Being

With your shaft of light

Descend to me so that I may envelope you

In all the sweetness of

My Ecstasy

So that I may whisper in your fair ear

Of a thousand unknown things

Let me wrap my

Huge, Dark Loins

About Your stiff, unyielding back

And ride upon You

Waves of endless joy

Pleasure greater than the bursting stars

Of infinite universes

Is Yours to have

For acceptance of my realm

As the path to immortality

Lower yourself, my fearless one

Into the deep, dark waters of my


Penetrate deeply with the flame

Of your raging passion

Explode within



Though resist He tries

Her liquid words have set Him

All a’quiver

He turns this way, then that

But yet is sucked like shavings by a magnet

Through the Portals

Of Her Secret Place

Pray not

He moans

To be forever trapped

In fleshly prison

This Light

That once




(Copyright 1998, 2015;  2016  by Toni Roberts)

Poet’s Note

This poem was first published as: The Fall of the God in the 1998-1999, issue of The Crone Chronicles. And later online at:  I now see clearly how the poem reveals my own inner landscape and  the current-eternal struggle between the Divine Masculine Principle or “God” aspect—so ingrained in us by the male-dominated culture—plus the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine Principle or “Goddess” aspect of  being. The poem ends with the assimilation of the Light or the God by the Dark, Yin Power or Goddess in what may be referred to as the Sacred Marriage or Conuinctio: the union of Light and Dark; Male and Female Principles or Heaven and Earth.

These periods of shifting Inner Authority can have deeply disturbing repercussions within the collective and within in the individual. However, these sometimes violent Psychic Energy Shifts, if allowed to run their course, can result in a reformation, reconfiguration and redefinition of who and what we, who call ourselves human, are.

I have experienced these shifts in my inner landscape, in cycles of death and rebirth during which the old, useless parts of the Self that no longer support and promote my evolutionary process die off; allowing a new and improved Self to slowly emerge. This can be a painful process but I am finding that these inner battles and shifts in power are part and parcel of one’s experience after the surrender of the ego—along with all of the whims and wants of the personality—to the Divine Mystery. The ego does not easily give up its ruler-ship, hence the ensuing inner battles and outer chaos. However, if I stay awake and hold on, allowing my Goddess Self to take the lead, guiding and directing every aspect of my being, life then becomes a paradise of peace and ease. Until, of course, the inevitability of forgetfulness sets in and I am once again plunged into the hypnotic enchantment of this human-created world of wealth, glamour, sex, drugs and rock and roll!

And so I, along with the rest of the inhabitants of this planet continue on an upward, evolutionary, ofttimes chaotic, painful and bloody spiral of birthing a new humanity…a new way of being

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On Death By Suicide…

river post davin 3 18 16 012

River…Post-Davin; photo by Toni Roberts; copyright 2016

the loss of my beloved grandson

who last month

at the tender age of twenty-one


free will

his by divine right

and chose to exit this world quickly…

via a bullet to the head...

Got me thinking about

death by suicide…

and how all humans leave this realm

via death by suicide

   consciously…by their own hand

or unconsciously…

blaming their leave-taking on Fate or “God…”

forgetting that we are all creatures of

free will

   and that nothing

not even death is imposed upon us by some

mysterious all-powerful Force

It is we who knowingly or unknowingly

create these painful, ghastly, unimaginable  dis-eases

that debilitate and devour our our bodies

system by system…

organ by organ…

in a slow death by suicide...

Indeed…by the use or misuse of free will…

all death is by our daily decisions and choices

although my heart breaks at the thought of the degree of unendurable psychic pain

that drove my beloved to so quickly end this earthly sojourn…

this shared here-now…

I grant him his right of

conscious exercise of 


And I here-now bless the Essence of the boy-man I so loved

on Its continued journey

The Human Side Of God…

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

I’m beginning to suspect that

   I am  the human side of God

That part of the Divine reflected in form

And projected onto the

   3rd Dimension

I now put aside all of my pain, sorrow and confusion

   And trust…nay...know

That Intelligent, Creative Energy

Works beyond this flesh body to achieve some Higher Purpose

   Some Divine Purpose for this life…this here and now

I open wide to receive


   Great Mystery

I invite You to flow in…as…through all that I am

   Re-create my reality…this here-now

      This new chapter...

 This new Assignment In the


  Be my words and actions

The very SOURCE

   Of all this being and doing

The End Of A “God-Sent” Day!

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

The end of a “God-sent” day!

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

   Too beautiful to resist…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

proof enough for me

of the existence

of Something greater

than humanity!

Peace and blessings planet earth

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The Fall of the God

Sketch by Toni Roberts

Sketch by Toni Roberts

Poetry and more…


Toni Roberts

A Bit Of Thanksgiving Day Insight And Logic…

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts


We are all made in the image of

The Divine...

We are all reflections of the Creator of all we behold…

That would include the female of the species…


The Creator cannot be male


The Creator,

Must contain both male and female attributes…


Isn’t it about time that we



Stop worshiping at the altar of


Isn’t it time we wake up to the

Goddess side of the God

Who dwells within all of us?

It is no wonder the world is all

Half-assed and going off half-cocked

Towards total destruction

For we’ve turned the whole game over to males:





Wake up women!

(And you men of wisdom who walk beside us)

Get with the program!

Let’s save this thing before we all go down…

Know that you are


Holy vessels of the

One Life

Reflections of That in which we



And have our


Join me.

Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Lady’s Home Jungle

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts


Just breathing and

Letting go…

Some Toni Roberts’ Insights and Revelations for These Troubled Times

august 24 2012 029

♀All voices are needed in this revolution-evolution. The call of your unique voice awakens those who vibrate at your energetic frequency.
♀People’s emotional frequencies bouncing off of each other create chaos, bedlam, i.e., a tower of babble.
♀AT-ONE-MENT: The harmonization of thoughts, minds and emotions.
♀There is but one Creative Energy and one may use It to create whatever one’s ego personality desires; or one can “donate” that energy (the physical, emotional and mental bodies) to the Great Energy Bank within.
♀It is impossible for one to know what “God” requires of one until one finds oneself doing it.
♀Doubt, fear and anxiety are companions along this Way; therefore one must maintain an inner vigilance so as not to fall victim to them.
♀Everything good and lasting comes in “God’s Time” and not ours.
♀One progresses further by keeping still.

It Would Behoove Us Humans To:

♀live, speak and act from the heart
♀embrace the moment and accept what is; despite the fact that it may be the polar opposite of what one desires
♀step aside and let “God” act first in one’s life
♀realize that “God” does not make mistakes—that’s a human quality
♀restrain ourselves since we all have free will and “God” cannot restrain us forcibly

Humbly offered as a little bit of hard-earned wisdom from a Tribal Elder!

Telling My Story…

Photo by Toni Roberts; "Childhood Memories"

Photo by Toni Roberts; “Childhood Memories”


Telling my story

Repeating my tale of woe

To anyone who will listen

Elaborating on what I think and feel about

My tragic story

Photo by Toni Roberts; "Childhood Memories, Two"

Photo by Toni Roberts; “Childhood Memories, Two”

Especially how I feel about it

That’s what keeps my story in place

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts



When what I really want

Is a new story

Photo by Toni Roberts; Djembe

Photo by Toni Roberts; Djembe


One that is filled with




Youthful vigor


And much abundance!

One in which I fulfill

My purpose in being

And so, today

I do not re-wound myself

Over and over again

With the telling of my story

To anyone who will listen


I use the energy from my wounds

To heal


I shut up


Let go of the old story

And let the new one be told

Through me

The Last Stop On The Train To “Purpose…”


This is what it’s all about

The breathing in…

The breathing out…

The exquisite purpose of

All this being

river  5 24 2014

river 5 24 2014


To behold

What the Hand of God has wrought…

What the Goddess has brought forth…

river two 5 24 2014

river two 5 24 2014


This is it…


This is all it is…

river four 5 24 2014

river three 5 24 2014


The last stop on the train to


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