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Finally…The Dawning Of The…

dawning of fall cell phone 007

The Dawning Of Autumn – Photo by Toni Roberts

new season


may the harvest be not bitter


may we not reap what we have sown






This Fall…I Reap A Different Kind Of Harvest…

born of a

Sacred Marriage

consumated in the heat of


The Bittersweet Harvest of Fall…

autumn river

autumn river

red yellow green gold orange rust

bright glorious muted

shades of Autumn

reflections of my inner state


of the last of the magic

of springtime seeds

deeply planted

in rich inner soil

tilled by hands of

love devotion patience obedience

autumn river two

autumn river two

cornucopia of golden riches

fruit of hard labor joyous pain

painful joy…

born of the bittersweet chaos of

lusty summer abundance

autumn river three

autumn river three

autumn river four

autumn river four

even as my heart embraces

the joy of late fall harvest

it begins its journey of death…

departure to the underworld…

season of trees laid bare

heavily laden with

snow that covers a

cold and barren land…

my time of stillness

of listening in the dark silence

of the Deep

to Her Whispered Plans

of coming spring

with summer riding on

its wings…


thus the cycle continues

in a never-ending







the bittersweet exquisiteness

of this experience called

human life on planet earth

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