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These “Dark Days of the Soul…”


Clouds Over The River & Sound – Photograph by Toni Roberts



of a


is the only thing that pulls me through


dark days of the soul..”


I thank


Goddess Mother







for the

soul-stirring beauty

that only


can create…


for the

peace of mind


stillness of heart

that the












Farewell to Ayanna Guyhto…My Beloved Niece…

Yana and bijou 2012They took my beloved Ayanna off of life support today. The body is slowly shutting down. I can no longer say her body because I sense her soul has already returned to the Meeting Place: that SpaceTime wherein we make our plans for the next excursion to flesh bodies

I weep–not for my beloved–for she is free

I weep for myself

For the heavy ache of her absence

I weep for the loss of that bubbly personality…

And the shared jokes that only she and I got

I am already missing the Emails…

And the telephone conversations

In which we dared to reveal to one another

Parts of ourselves ordinarily kept hidden

I miss the easy going intimacy we shared…

And the trust

You hold a piece of my heart baby-girl…

And I will always treasure the part of you

That you left behind…as memories

I will always treasure the uniqueness of the daughter-from-another-mother relationship we shared in this go-round as spirits-in-flesh. And although I so look forward to our reunion on the Other Side, I am in no hurry to leave this crazy Third-Dimension that we both so thoroughly enjoy. I will continue drumming my ass off every Saturday–hoping the reverberations reach all the way to Wherever you are. I will walk my mile a day–take my supplements and eat organic–in the care of this holy temple.  I will continue plunging fully into the exquisite joy of living. I will squeeze every drop of Love that I can–into each day–just as you did–beloved baby-girl–

Niece…daughter of my heart

I bid you adieu, sweet one…A Dios…See ya’…

In Memory of Joseph Koonce…My Ol’ Drumming Buddy…

8 27 2012 044

Just talked with Y

We cried  together

Our love for Joseph binds us and

Out of that love has been born

A loving connection with each other

That will not fade with the passage of time

We are bound through him

For all Eternity

8 26 2012 027

My heart is at peace

Despite the great sadness at its center

Deep loss…

My Joseph

Gone from the flesh

We shall meet again

Joseph Koonce and I…

We shall once more

“Hook-up” in the 3-D

In another Time

In another here-now…

To give each other that nudge

or shove, as the case may be

That awakens one from

The Deep Sleep:

From the fascination…mesmerization…

And glamour of  flesh-suits and  Earth life

With all of its glitz, glory, pain, joy and love…

Oh…the intensity…the ecstasy…

of the Love

We shall appear again in each other’s lives

in anther times-pace…another here-now

To press each other forward

along this remarkable journey of


Thank you, Joseph Koonce

My teacher and student

from 1994 to 2013–earth time

I release you back into the Loving Arms of

the Mother 

9 30 2012 034


Just one last favor?

Now that you’re back with the Source

Or closer to It than I am–

Do you think you can send someone

To fill the hole you just left in

My heart and life?

Ode To The Great Mother On Her Day…



Let us make of ourselves

Holy Passageways

From Heaven to Earth

Let us get in harmony

With the flow of Feminine Energy

Mother Energy




Let us be the salve that heals the




Let the Power of the

Great Mother of all there is

Bring peace and abundant blessings

To all of Her children

Let us honor Her

In all of Her Expressions:

The Oceans…


Mountains and Lakes…

The very Earth:

Gaia Herself

Upon whose Holy Body

We live and feed…

Let us be Her Representatives in the flesh…

Let us all…male and female…

All who profess to honor and love

Our flesh mothers…

Let us so honor the

Mother of Humanity…

The Ancient Mother-Goddess

Who birthed the

Universe Itself

And all of the




cloud gazing...

cloud gazing…


I give the world and its cares to


or Whatever it is that holds the

sun and moon and stars

in place…

making sure that they arrive at their appointed places

in Time…


I release the challenges, pain and fears of yesterday

I give them back to That Which Knows

from whence they came and why…

cloud gazing II...

cloud gazing II…


I focus on who and what I am and

why I came…

I focus on emptying my mind of all but the peace

I am experiencing

sitting here at my altar

watching the clouds as they drift slowly across the bluest of skies


as they roll slowly along their way…


I learn to shape-shift like the clouds above…

adapting…adjusting and re-adjusting…

bending to the winds of Heaven

so as not to break

cloud gazing III...

cloud gazing III…


The clouds teach me



how to yield gently to  outside pressure

without losing my beauty…

my peace…

my integrity of being…



I am the Yielding


Receptive Darkness of Being

the Feminine Aspect of this

Holy Collaboration…

I obey…

I follow…

I open and receive the


light and dark...yang and yin...the holy marriage...

I release the whole fantasy of what it means to be a human on planet earth

I let go of the dream of human power

I release my illusions and delusions about reality

and turn over the reins of this life to

Whatever the Source is from Which

my being flows…

I surrender

And in this Holy Surrender

the sun blazes…

My life unfolds…effortlessly

Peace…joy…comfort and immediate answers

to mind-numbing



make themselves apparent


The living of life becomes magical

no struggle…no fight…

no pushing against the forces of Creation

Resolutions unfold like the petals of a rose…

The solution is contained within the very same seed

that houses the obstacle…

Like the rose and its thorns…

Holy Voodoo...

Reality shifts…

Understanding and Clarity take hold…

the world you’ve been conditioned into believing real

the one in which the ego believes itself the source of  power

gives way to the Invisible Realm

to that elusive realm of Spirit…that place of Holy Voodoo…

And life becomes a reflection of

the Inner Fire

that brilliant ray of Inner Light and Love that is

Creation Itself…

And you begin to know yourself as a channel…

clear and  unsullied through which


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