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Wake Up! Baby Crone!

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The Ol’ Crone Who Dwells Within – Original drawing/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Time to awaken, Baby Crone!

Time to rise…

To stretch your wings…




That rumbling in the womb that used to bleed just yesteryear…

Is the grumbling of Dis-Satisfaction


Time to wake up!

You who live still for the carefree fun of Maidenhood…and Womanhood

Those days…my love…are long gone…

Now is your time of the CroneTribal ElderGoddess-In-Flesh

It is your time for the Dance of Interdependence with She who Rules…in…as and through all that you are

It is only thus that the topsy-turvy world of Yang Supreme can be set once more a-straight…

Time now to surrender your girlish days of immaturity…and follow the deep stirrings of your Heart…and Solar Plexus

This Time when no blood flows marks the Beginning of your Awakening from the glamour of this manmade world of sensual pleasures that can never-ever-fulfill-or-satisfy…

No earthly thing can feed the unnamable hunger that haunts your days and restless nights…each crammed with people…places…things…that leave you dissatisfied…still hungering for the unnamableunreachableSomething…with which to fill your Empty Soul

Answer the Call! Baby Crone!

 The Time is Now…the choice is yours

Either the Path of the Mother Creator…or…the Way of Humanity: “Senior Citizen…” “Old age…” and the breakdown of the body’s organs and systems as the Soul throws off the confinement of Its now useless flesh suit to return to the Source of All Being

Wake up! Baby Crone!

The world needs you…

Right now

Come as you are


Each Time This Prodigal Daughter Returns Home…

jewelry shots plus old crone 3 4 13 015

The Ol’ Crone Who Resides Within – Original drawing/photo by Toni Roberts

to the


she finds


there to come





The Crone Who Dwells Within…*

the crone who dwells within...

the crone who dwells within…

Come, She beckoned,

Come here, my child,

Come sit beside me…

Here in the Soul-protected

Silence of


Listen, my daughter,

Can you hear the Sound



The beating




The sound of




Come sit with me in



Away from the





Sit quietly and

Listen to the

Sound of



And when I turned my

Ear inward and

Allowed myself to

Hear beyond the

Devastating cries of my

Pained and Wounded Heart,

I heard Her whisper:



*Poem and Drawing by Toni Roberts. Originally published in the Crone Chronicles magazine. Winter Solstice (1998-99)

The Birth of a Website; Journal Entry: 2/26/08


Heru, Horus, Christ, Diosa-Crista, Spirit in the flesh, Daughter of Yahweh, Isis, Au-set, Great Mother, Love, Wisdom…Set, Ego, fear, greed, anxiety…all melded into The One Self under the guidance of the God-Mother-Father-Ra-Great Spirit…

I am of one Mind. I am a Daughter of the Divine; Woman of God, woman-god, goddess; here-now to fulfill some still unrevealed purpose; some destiny that was stamped upon my soul at the beginning of Time Itself;  here-now in this flesh encasement for fulfillment of divine purpose unfolding through the ages  as I appear and reappear on this earth scene.  A player in an ongoing, never-ending drama; a Mystery Play written in the heavenly stars by an Unknown Author who yet still writes…constantly shaping, molding, changing  Plot and Direction in a Grand Drama.

I hereby bring myself back under the direction and guidance of The One who first set me down in Herstory.  I am curious to see , to know, to live, to express-from the inside out— the original plot of this life, this role, this character I play in an unfolding Mystery called human existence on planet earth.

I hereby let go of all preconceived, rejudged notions of who I am and why I am here-now. I now let my life unfold from the inside out, unblocked, unchecked, unchallenged by the ego personality I also am.

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