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A New Creation Tale For These Troubled Times


Daughters of Gaia; collage/photo by Toni Roberts


(From time to time, as I look out upon my world, I think: It’s time again for A New Creation Tale. And I dig out a fable I wrote a few years ago during troubled times like these through which we are currently living.)

Part One

 Once upon a time, many long eons ago, longer than the human imagination can conjure, there lived on earth a Wise Being. This Wise Being had been roaming the earth for what seemed to Herforever. In fact, the earliest memory the Wise Being had…was that of being a Wise Being roaming the Earth.

Despite the fact that the Wise Being was very tired of being alone, She definitely was not lonely, for She had many, many friends scattered throughout the earth; creatures of every imaginable size and nature.

There were the humongous Ice-o-poids of the North who lived in magnificent castles of ice that sparkled crystal-like in the midday sun.

In the South were the splendid Maternoids: huge, dusky pulsations of the most pleasant emotions. The Maternoids spent their days and nights in eternal peace; building reflections of their Inner Splendor upon the earth.

The Mentaloids of the East were also friends of the Wise Being. She spent many a moonlit night in the company of these great creatures of Light, Her Mind joined with theirs in glorious and Holy Communion with the Creatress.

And when in the West, the Wise Being adapted to the ways of the Earthoids, co-existing among them as they worked the raw elements of the earth into magnificent edifices in which to worship the Creatress.


 One day, due to Her great sadness at being alone and one-of-a-kind among all of the other earth creatures, the Wise Being decided to journey to the Land of the Creatress in order to request a Companion.

Anything…anything at all that the Wise Being or the earth creatures requested from the Creatress was theirs for the asking. However, it was no simple matter to journey to the Land of the Creatress in order to make the request.

The Wise Being first lay down upon Her grand bed, summoning Her pride of huge, black, panther-like creatures who immediately formed a protective circle around their Mistresses bed. There they would remain—fierce, silent sentinels guarding the flesh Body of their Lady as Her Spirit journeyed far beyond the mental realms.

Confident that Her Body was safe, the Wise Being could now focus Her attention upon Her creature friends scattered around the earth. After a short period, She was able to make mental contact with them, explaining to Her beloved creatures that She would be absent from their lives for a short while. The Wise Being’s heart pained as the creatures cried out in alarm, “How will we exist without Your Presence and Wise Counsel?”

The Wise Being assured all of Her earth companions that they would manage quite well for the short time of Her absence.

“Although I love all of you most dearly,” She explained, “And I derive the greatest pleasure living among you, something is missing for Me. I watch you as you join in Joyful Holy Union, multiplying your likenesses upon our earth…and I am saddened…for I have no Companion…none of my Kind with whom I may lay and multiply.”

No further explanation was needed. The creatures of the earth told the Wise Being that they most certainly understood Her need. For how could one survive without Joyful Holy Union? They blessed Her and wished Her well on Her journey to the Land of the Creatress of All.

With Her Mind thus free and clear of all earthly responsibilities and concerns, the Wise Being began Her journey. She continued envisioning HerSelf moving among Her beloved earth creatures, sharing the beauty of their varied lives and lands. Great joy and love for Her beloved friends welled up within Her Heart. The Wise Being’s vision of the creatures and the beauty of their lands grew so clear and powerful, that a part of Who She Was drifted from Her Body to walk among Her friends—many of whom were able to see Her Presence despite the fact that Her Body remained stretched out upon her bed under the watchful eyes of her animal protectors.

The Wise Being pushed Her Powers of Imagination further and further; “imaging” a Companion who walked at Her Side as She roamed the far reaches of the earth. She allowed Herself to feel the Love, Joy and Delight emanating from this Magnificent Being of Her Own Creation as She introduced Him to the Sensual Splendors of the earth.

Her Companion finally reached for Hertouched Her

The explosiveness of His Touch was all it took to jar Her Essence free of all earthly constraints.

Thus began the Wise Being’s Journey to the Land of the Creatress.


  She traveled far into the vast, dark recesses of the multiverse, flying past many strange and unknown worlds which She was sorely tempted to explore. But being the Wise Being that She was, She kept to the goal of Her Journey and did not divert Her Attention to the many temptations along the Way. After soaring through countless realms beyond Time and Space, our Heroine finally arrives at the Throne of the Creatress. The Wise Being knew that She had arrived at Her Destination when She encountered a Light so bright, She could not gaze upon It.

A great voice boomed from the center of the Light: “keeper of the earth, how may We serve you?”

Most Holy One,” the Wise Being responded, “I have come to make a request.”

“Speak up, my child; be assured that whatever you need for our beloved earth and its creatures is theirs for the asking.”

“It is not for the earth that I come, Most High, but for me.”

“You are at the Source, my daughter, you well know that whatever you so desire is immediately available to you. I only caution that you be sure of your desire before you speak it. Remember—The Word is Law.

“My desire…my need is for a CompanionOne of My Kind—with whom I may join in Joyful Holy Union and thus multiply and spread my Likeness throughout the earth as do the creatures.”

“So it is done,” the Creatress replied. “Return now to the earth.”

The Wise Being thanked Her Holy Mother and journeyed back to earth; once again having to resist the many diversions of limitless realms on the return trip.


Upon Her return, there was Her Companion—lying there beside Her. So thrilled and delighted was She—and much to the embarrassment of Her great feline companions—who slinked away unnoticed—the Wise Being began showering Her Companion with greedy kisses and hungry embraces.

After two days and nights of Joyful Holy Union, the Lovers traveled the earth in merry companionship; guiding the earth creatures with renewed love and wisdom as the first civilizations were laid down upon the planet.

The Divine Couple eventually produced four beautiful Daughters from Their many, many, many Joyful Holy Unions.

 -to be continued-

(copyright 2013 Toni Roberts)

Sometimes A Picture…

picture a thousand words 003

1.000 Words; drawing/photo by Toni Roberts


   is worth 1,000 words…

In Other Words…

rehab grounds 8 30 15 038.JPG

Photo by Toni Roberts



is the






once the question has been asked

the questioner must remain

   silent and alert…

so as not to miss the opportunity...

   once the door swings open…

to enter a heretofore








a room filled to capacity with



Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

An Urban Shaman’s Tools Of Transformation…

altar 5 18 16 005

New Window Altar; Photo by Toni Roberts



opens each day with a


paying homage to the





honoring the


out of which 



altar 5 18 16 028

Altar II; Photo by Toni Roberts







   waits patiently



14 percent waxing crescent moon may 9

Waxing, Crescent Moon; Stock Photograph




fills with




altar 5 18 16 024

Altar III; Photo by Toni Roberts




takes her cues from


   never leading…


altar 5 18 16 016

Altar IV; Photo by Toni Roberts


complete surrender





Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

Crafting Away On A Rainy Saturday!

new pieces 016

new pieces 018

new pieces 014

And Yet Another Lazy Day Of Cloud-Gazing…

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts


Get up, you say?

The kitchen floor needs mopping?

My work area is a jumbled confusion of

Unfinished projects that need tending to?

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts

Summer’s gone, you say?

And it’s time for the

Seasonal closet switch from summer to winter garb?

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts

10/18/15 Photo by Toni Roberts

Hold on a second!

Look at how those clouds shift lazily across the sky

   Creating beauty that brings tears to one’s eyes…

The kitchen floor can wait and I’ll switch the clothes tomorrow!

And this is my current creative project:


Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:

Realizations While Sitting At My Altar…

Altar; photo by Toni Roberts

Altar; photo by Toni Roberts

Although we each play a unique and necessary role in this life

This life is not about the individual

Not about the part…

But the whole…

If we each turned the focus of our attention

To the discovery of what our unique individual gifts are…

To what it is we came to give

Not get

Then each precious strand of us

Could together weave

A tapestry glorious beyond imagination

What a magnificent world we would create!

Altar; photo by Toni Roberts

Altar; photo by Toni Roberts

For as great as we are as Individual beings...

And nations

How much more could we be

As a collective…a connected whole…

Fueled by that

Which caused us all into being…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

All doubt is cleared away as peace descends with the deep realization that

This is my life...this is my time

There is no life or time other than this



Toni Roberts’ Artwork May Be Viewed And Purchased at:

As The Fog Lifts…

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

When I am stripped naked and raw by Life
I have learned to not wait so long
Before journeying inward to my
Self of Wisdom

There are times that I sit at my altar
Black and white marbled composition notebook and
Uniball pen in hand…

At other times
I seek answers from You
With a toss of the coins and I Ching text
Close at hand…

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You directlyimmediately
Before my throat constricts and begins to ache with unshed tears
Before my heart breaks from the weight of hidden matters
That grow heavier with neglect and inattention

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You
Without the hesitationmistrustdisbelieffears and doubts
That used to sully our relationship…
Blocking the outer signsinner signalsurgespeopleopportunities
And mysterious inner knowings that now pour into consciousness
Faster than a New York minute
And poof…another obstacle removed…
Another victory over painhumiliation…and mis-comprehensions
Perfect solutions unfolding one by one in perfect order…
From the inside out…as the fog lifts…and I move smoothly on

Leaving The Cave…

Sketch by Toni Roberts

Sketch by Toni Roberts

Winter of hibernation


   Spring approaches…

New Life

Urged by the Sun

From the Darkness of the

Mother’s Womb

Collage by Toni Roberts

Collage by Toni Roberts

I behold in wonderment

Another spring

Another rebirth of Self

The 76th

In this unbelievably

Magical Journey


   Life as a human female on planet earth

Each spring

Each exquisite rebirth


In its living

As I move


  In total surrender




The full richness of the

   Flow of Life…

With its deepening of


Integration of  the who and what

With the whence and why

Of my


Altar; Photo by Toni Roberts

Altar; Photo by Toni Roberts

I am to


What a droplet of

Ocean spray

   Is to the


Just Breathe…

Hutchinson River; Long Island Sound; Photo by Toni Roberts

Hutchinson River; Long Island Sound;
Photo by Toni Roberts


there is Something

that will take care of us



so that our stay here on earth

is filled with

more joy than sadness

more pleasure

than pain

This illusory



this wispy

holy energy

this Spirit

of all things

cannot be found in the


all that we humans

have been searching for:

someone to love us

someone to care for us

to treasure us

and treat us

as if our living


all that we seek

can only be found

as we divorce ourselves

from this

addictive dependence upon

the world and its ways

let us learn to



from the allure…

the hypnotic glamour

of an




let us seek from the

True Source

closer than one’s heartbeat

waiting for discovery

   just breathe

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