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A Gathering Of Spirit Power…

"A Gathering of Spirit Power"  (2010) by toniroberts

A Gathering of Spirit Power – Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts


With Sacred Art and Photography by Toni Roberts

Prices start at: $16

Available for purchase at:



Today’s Revelation…

“Journey to Manhood”- Collage in Honor Of Beloved Grandson Who Committed Suicide at Age Twenty-One on February 16, 2016 – Collage & Photo by Toni Roberts


my Life is my Art…my Art is my Work…my Work is my Raison d’être

and for thatthis WiseWoman is most grateful


The Divine Power…

“Creation” – Collage/Drawing/Photograph by Toni Roberts

that moves

inas and through

all that I amand do







   that walks silently by my side…


Being A Woman Is a Political Act!

All Art Is Political – Collage/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Available for purchase:


The Human Side Of God…

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

I’m beginning to suspect that

   I am  the human side of God

That part of the Divine reflected in form

And projected onto the

   3rd Dimension

I now put aside all of my pain, sorrow and confusion

   And trust…nay...know

That Intelligent, Creative Energy

Works beyond this flesh body to achieve some Higher Purpose

   Some Divine Purpose for this life…this here and now

I open wide to receive


   Great Mystery

I invite You to flow in…as…through all that I am

   Re-create my reality…this here-now

      This new chapter...

 This new Assignment In the


  Be my words and actions

The very SOURCE

   Of all this being and doing

Returning Whole…


It’s been such a long time since I’ve had the urge to “blog.” I feel as if I am returning from a long voyage.

I was passing one of my collages this morning. It hangs on the wall above the altar in my meditation room that I call my “mojo” altar. That’s where I put symbols of those things I desire to see manifested in this reality. Putting an object, note or image on this altar is simply a way of turning it over to the Power within. It’s a giving-up of the object of desire to THAT from which springs all third-dimensional form.

I probably pass that collage at least fifty times a day. Today, for the first time in years,  I saw it. I was compelled to pick up my camera  and  photograph it. I was carried back to the year of its creation: 1998. The year I quit the last of a long series of well-paying,  part-time jobs that I hated and only took because I believed that a job was (1) protection against poverty  (2) the only way to generate income/money. I then rededicated myself–for the one-hundredth time at least–to my Muse: that Indwelling Intelligence that knows why this “I” had journeyed to the flesh and the way to fulfillment of my purpose in being.

I looked at the collage I had created back then with a kind of appreciation…gratitude for the woman I was then. I took it all in; section by section; image by image, and realized that the woman I was then, was calling into being those aspects of Feminine Power represented by the words and images she had chosen.

It has, indeed, been a long and arduous journey from then to now. However, I am back. And, I have returned WHOLE. All fragmented parts of Self have been reintegrated and are now functioning as ONE–under the direction of the Great Mystery that I call Divine Power–to which I have totally and fully surrendered. 

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