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Reclaiming Our WomanPower…

In Contemplation of Goddess-Hood – Pencil Drawing-Cutout-Collage-Staging-Photography by Toni Roberts

The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine…

The GOAL is to become a…



Unsullied vessel

An Instrument


Vehicle…of the Re-Awakened Divine Feminine Principle

She…Whose Healing Waters are being boiled into steam by the Destructive Fires of Her Holy Mate…the Divine Masculine

 The return of our Goddess will usher in The Healing

Life on Earth will then be returned to what it was in the Beginning

Before the advent of the PATRIARCHY

 Before the destruction of all that was gentlehealingnurturinglovingcreativejoyfulpeacefilledunifyingharmoniouswhole and balanced…

Both in the Multiverse… and on the Earth


Let HER be reborn in the Silence of your Heart…this Holy Mother of All There Is

For what comes from man…who has no “womb” is…harshwoundingdestructivefearfilledfearfulhatefulinharmonious… and unbalanced


Let New Life be born from the Holy Womb of the MotherCreatressDivine Feminine…from She who dwells in that Holy Place within the Human Heart

Go there…Meet Her in the SILENCE

Let Her Speak New Life Into BeingInas…and through all that you thinksayfeeldo… and ARE

Become One with the Mother of Life

Ase and Goddess bless…

 Toni Roberts


For Those In The Process Of Awakening…

Daughters of Gaia – Collage/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Those learning to feel safe in a world gone berserk

Those unclenchingletting go…releasing..

Those learning to trust in that which one cannot seetastetouch…or hear

Those learning to have Faith in that which defies the rational mind

Know that it is all PROCESS…this AWAKENING…this coming to recognize what is REAL…and what is but humanmade

This recognition of this three-dimensional reality…this world of glitzglamourhunger and nothing more thanPRODUCT…manufactured by the Collective Imagination of Humanity

Be easy on yourself…


Take time to be still

Be gentle with yourself as you gain the Vision of  a heretofore hidden WORLD…

That gives birthto this physical one…you once believed so real


Know that you are not CRAZY

You are finally AWAKENING from a lifetime of slumber


Ase and Goddess bless. 

Toni Roberts

A Gathering Of Spirit Power…

"A Gathering of Spirit Power"  (2010) by toniroberts

A Gathering of Spirit Power – Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts


With Sacred Art and Photography by Toni Roberts

Prices start at: $16

Available for purchase at:



Today My Only Prayer Is…

A Gathering Of Spirit-Power – Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts



YES…to the Innate Intelligence within me…

YES…to that which knows the wherewhy...howwhen…and with whom of my Being that which knows why I am here in this flesh body…knows my very raison d’etre…my purpose in Being

YESYESYES…to the Sacred Mystery that moves inas…and through all that I thinksaydo…and am

Today I shout YESYES...YES


Toni Roberts


A Bit Of Wisdom From Poet, THETA BURKE…

artwork river 10 15 14 088

Portrait of the Artist – Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts


I was going through my bookcases earlier today in search of a book that I did not find. Instead, I came upon an old, yellowed book of poetry: SOUNDS OF YOURSELF by Theta Burke. (Copyright 1977 by Theta Burke. Publisher: Delafield Press.) I had made a notation on the title page that the book was a gift from…either Larry or Surry in May of 1979. My handwriting is abominable and my memory not much better for I remember neither a Larry nor a Surry. My apologies to whomever it was who obviously knew my spirit so well.

The poet speaks to my heart. It’s as if her thoughts and words were lifted from my own soul. I hope you get the same pleasure as I from Ms. Burke’s deep understanding of this journey we share as human beings. You will be seeing more of her work in future blogs.

The following poem is from the last section of the book entitled: CONTEMPLATION. I dedicate it to all of you seekers of eternal youth.

Sometimes it appears

that concern with the accumulation of years

is more prevalent with those

who have sought gratification

from physical attributes

and fear their deterioration.


They are ageless

whose beauty of mind

has properly assigned priorities

so that the  passing of the years

only adds facets

which contribute to the richness of the glow.”


Artwork by Toni Roberts available for viewing and purchase at:



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