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Finally…The Dawning Of The…

dawning of fall cell phone 007

The Dawning Of Autumn – Photo by Toni Roberts

new season


may the harvest be not bitter


may we not reap what we have sown






Strolling The Neighborhood On This Summerlike Autumn Day…

new photos cell 028

Summer Blossoms In The Fall – Photo by Toni Roberts


what season is it!?

even the garden seems confused


new photos cell 037

Magnificent Weeping Willows – Photo by Toni Roberts


the trees are hesitant about changing from summer green to autumn yellow


new photos cell 042

Trees Early Fall – Photo by Toni Roberts


my secret, quiet spot


new photos cell 049

Secluded Hideaway – Photo by Toni Roberts


just the faintest hint of the changing season









Seasons of Change… seems so long ago...

that my heart

frosted and windblown

dragged heavily

with the weight

of life…

but now...

joyous with the blossoms of spring…

with new life

I am recalled

light of heart

free of soul

I move forth speedily

into a future

I cannot see

but yet know…

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