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Sweet Surrender II…


Photo by Toni Roberts – Central Park, NYC

and so it is

that this life of mine has become

a journey of unfolding events

day by day

moment by moment

in which I simply let go of all




allowing myself to

   drift along…













The Joy Of Being


Ah…the joy of being

Living from the inside out

Day by day

No script

No pre-decided course of action


No preferences or must-do’s

Just drifting along

Letting Life take whatever turns it may

Simply being

Ah…the joy of it


Sweet surrender to the Forces of Nature


Sustained by that which breathes the world into being

The wonder

The joy

The wondrous mystery of it all


This experience called


Being human on planet earth

A Day With K. In Central Park…

Am taking a day of quiet, solitude and contemplation. Reliving Friday. Spent the day in Central Park with my “sister-friend,” (to borrow V.’s phrase) K. I allowed her to lead me in a walk through the park to places I’d never been which turned out to be a metaphor for my current life lessons…

Central Park, NYC…secret tunnels leading to the unknown…

Like: the repetition of old behaviors is the root of every heartache and disappointment.

Central Park, NYC…off the beaten path…

Am realizing…

my whole life is my creation…

everyone, everything, every event and experience

is Self creating the lessons that “i ” am here to learn…

Self presenting me with mysteries that only “i” can solve…

My life is a Soul-inspired novela

peopled with characters who are mere reflections

of those aspects of  self that I would prefer to not see…

And those 3-D dramas that I find myself caught up in?

Simply denied fears, doubts and conflicts that

I am conveniently projecting outward…

onto the world

Central Park, NYC…hidden corners of paradise…

Central Park, NYC…light…dark…shadows…reflections upon the waters of emotion…

Central Park, NYC…Life keeps on keeping on even when finding Itself between a rock and hard place…

Central Park, NYC…even in entanglement…the pure beauty of nature shines through…

Central Park, NYC…at rest…

Thank you, my dear friend for an enlightening journey

through Central Park

to places

I’ve never been


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