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What Has Your Disease Come To Tell You?


Winter Altar – Arrangement & Photograph by Toni Roberts

My experience with breast cancer some thirteen years ago taught me one thing…without a doubt

Disease is a messenger from the Soul!

Today as I sat before my altar in contemplative meditation…wondering about the cause of this sudden painful stiffness in my right thumb…and recent erratic blood pressure readings…the following Understandings drifted across the landscape of my mind:

All dis-ease is a physical manifestation of internalspiritual and/or psychological conditions…

Arthritis mirrors rigidity…an unwillingness to yield…to bend…to surrender to the realities of your physical existence…resistance and stubbornness…instead of non-resistance and surrender…

High or erratic blood pressure is a manifestation of your reacting emotionally to that which you find unpleasant and unacceptable…instead of rationally accepting that which you cannot change within the limitations of your human power…it is a result of emotionalism…of your repeating dysfunctional emotional patterns modeled by your immature parents…


We must learn to accept that which we cannot humanly change


Seek within for solutions…ask and you shall be answered…directed by Wisdom higher than the rational mind…


Nonresistancesurrenderacceptance…are the keys


And so, my Soul imparted this bit of Wisdom which I shall surely follow…for my Soul has never led me astray along this lifelong Journey to Wholeness


Whatever your stumbling blocks in life may be…I encourage you to seek within for solutions…for understanding…for guidance and wisdom

And then wait in quiet acceptance for the responding Message from your Soul

For your Soul will never lead you astray



New Year…New Life…New Way of Being…

sunset 1 4 16 014

(photo by Toni Roberts)

I spent so many years of my life

turned outward

looking to the world for a way out of the




searching outside of


for the answers…

      for the solutions to life’s dilemmas…

   another job…

   in the classroom…

   out of the classroom…

   to the corporate world…


the non-profits!

back and forth up and down round and round

until finally




   knocked down…but not out…

by stage 3 breast cancer

   I gave up…

   gave in…







   in the first place…

sunset 1 4 16 004

(photo by Toni Roberts)

  and since then…

IT and i

   have been caught up in a loving embrace…

totally and completely



i have relinquished the lead

and now follow that

   Inner Directive…

   right out of the box of the past…

into a new year

a new life

   a new way of being

Happy 2016 to one and all!

Breast Cancer As Metaphor

Collage by Toni Roberts

Collage by Toni Roberts

I posted some of my “WiseWoman Wisdom” and realizations concerning the breast cancer “event” I experienced more than seven years ago. If you’re interested in learning what my “take” is on this whole matter of dis-ease, do read my blog: Breast Cancer and Repressed Mother Rage. You’ll find it at:

I’d be interested in your comments and feedback. I am curious to know if there are others who also see disease as metaphor or messenger.

You may comment directly at:

Thanks for the input!



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