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Aries Full Moon…

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Wisdom from the Grandfather and My Man, Marley – Photograph by Toni Roberts


I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.”


Word for this full moon cycle:



(Quotation from: Keynotes for the Disciple; Lucis Trust)


April 25… Aries Full Moon…Moon of Resurrection…Incoming Message…

magical moon shots

magical moon shots

From ancient times unto this day

At the Aries or Spring Full Moon,

Humanity has celebrated

The coming of the Light,

Re-birth and Resurrection.

In this season of Re-birth and Resurrection

Know that the Divine Light implanted within your DNA

Can be awakened at each season of Spring.

All that is required for re-birth and fulfillment,

Is the letting go of  human plans and schemes

formulated in long, winter dreams.

The act of surrender to the Ruler-ship of Divine Light

Implants a new dream in Consciousness;

And with that dream

Comes its path to fulfillment.

It is only through surrender to the Great Mystery

That we are lead back into the Darkness

Where shines

The Holy Light

Which shows the Way.

May the Divine Light

Be resurrected within your heart;

Healing, guiding  and making of you

A vessel of Divine Love

In the world.

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