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To All Djembefolas…A Message From Spirit!


I am Djembefola

I am Woman-through-whom

Spirit speaks

When Djembefola is connected to her drum

As one instrument…

The Drum is Woman…

The Woman is Drum…

The Voice of Mother Africa speaking

It is the energy of Woman

Feminine Energy….


The creative, unifying Energy of Djembefolas…

Rippling out in beats of Love…

Nourishment from the Mother…

Healing the souls of Her wounded children…

Drum on! Djembefola!

Become One with your Drum and continue your Holy Work!

Drum on!


April 25… Aries Full Moon…Moon of Resurrection…Incoming Message…

magical moon shots

magical moon shots

From ancient times unto this day

At the Aries or Spring Full Moon,

Humanity has celebrated

The coming of the Light,

Re-birth and Resurrection.

In this season of Re-birth and Resurrection

Know that the Divine Light implanted within your DNA

Can be awakened at each season of Spring.

All that is required for re-birth and fulfillment,

Is the letting go of  human plans and schemes

formulated in long, winter dreams.

The act of surrender to the Ruler-ship of Divine Light

Implants a new dream in Consciousness;

And with that dream

Comes its path to fulfillment.

It is only through surrender to the Great Mystery

That we are lead back into the Darkness

Where shines

The Holy Light

Which shows the Way.

May the Divine Light

Be resurrected within your heart;

Healing, guiding  and making of you

A vessel of Divine Love

In the world.

Drumming in Marcus Garvey Park…

And yesterday…Saturday

after the gift of Friday with K. in Central Park

came the ecstasy of drumming in

Marcus Garvey Park

A Holy Circle of

modern-day santeros, babalawos, curanderas

women, men and children

who are called by

the Spirit of the Drum

Grandfather blessing my drum…

Gathering weekly to pay homage

to the Motherland: Africa

Lending body, mind and soul

as vehicles upon which the Orishas may ride…

Giving oneself up as intermediary

between the two worlds

vessels to be filled with the

Voice of Drum Spirit…

Holy Rhythms of Healing and Love

rippling out from the village of Harlem

in never ending circles…

through the city…

the nation…

the world…

“Altared” States Four…


thank you

o’ bearers of Light

“bringers of the dawn…”

thank you for this day

this time of inner peace and self-knowledge

thank you for this moment of expanded understanding of the



and why

of my being


thank you, grandfather

for the energy streaming forth from you

upon whose waves I ride back

in Time

to another place

the plains of Kenya

a forest full of ebony trees…

an ancient carver…

his countenance the color of the wood

he so lovingly carves…

so carefully sculpts…

into his own image:

universal God-man

descended from the stars…

originator of the species

planter of the seeds from which we


speak o’ ancient one

as I listen…

speak to my heart

and to my mind…

infuse me with

your wisdom..

your knowledge

use me as a

transmitter of your


help me to accept that


I am loved...

I am love

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