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Freedom And Success…


City Gardens – Photograph by Toni Roberts


belong to the woman who is led by Inner Wisdom

rather than human advice

Toni Roberts


The Secret Of A Long…Happy…Healthy…Creative…Productive Life:


Yemaya Working Her Magic – Altar/Photograph by Toni Roberts

is to always remember that…

regardless of the situation…

the only thing that you can change in the equation…




Consejo A Una Hermanita…

Photo by Toni Roberts Central Park, NYC

Photo by Toni Roberts Central Park, NYC

 I can tell you one thing for sure

Life cannot be figured out in your head…

The solutions lie not there…

Neither is your mind the dwelling place of

Wisdom or true understanding…

The place in which to spend your

Time, attention and energy

Is your breath…

The in and out of your breathing

There lies the answer to

Every prayer

Every need

Every lack

Every pain

Every misery

Every dark night of the soul

The answer is always right there…

Nearer than your heart

It’s in the breath...

Breathing in and letting gobreathing in and letting go...breathing in and letting go

Breathing in and letting go

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