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Humanity In The Grips Of Existential Fear…

great mother et al 015

Grandfather Wisdom – Photograph by Toni Roberts


I stopped myself just in time as I was getting ready to fire off an angry, hateful response to an angry, hate-filled bigot who commented on one of my Facebook comments.

Ignore him,” my Better Self whispered. “Do you really want to engage at that level?”

I didn’t. And so, I decided to ignore his hateful remarks and if he persisted with comments, I would send him some “Love.” And, if I ultimately had to block him, I would.

No negative engagements for me—ever—end of report! I don’t have the space in my heart in which to hold both LOVE and HATE. And, furthermore, I understand the source of his hateful words: fear and insecurity. Neither is a stranger to this heart. Hateful racist words spring from feelings of being less than…of not mattering; from unmet needs and frustrations and from a sense of being threatened by people who are not members of one’s “tribe;” people who do not look like one. And who, to add to one’s frustration, may not even speak the same language. So there goes one’s last hope of communication, understanding or brotherhood.

I was not infected with this man’s fear-based anger because I am “Divinely Vaccinated.” And so, my initial angry impulse transformed into tears of sadness…sadness that we humans have strayed so far from who and what we essentially are. We have divided ourselves into warring tribes—now called nations—based on skin color and religions—which are all in essence, stories made up by the men of the tribes (differing slightly according to geographical location) in their unsuccessful attempts to assuage their own and others’ existential fear: not knowing who and what we are and why we are here.

And so, in false, fear-fueled bravado, we kill one another bolstered by the belief that Our God loves us best among all others and will surely smite our enemies.

Oh, humanity…with your childish hubris. Perhaps it’s time we all admit that we don’t know “jack” about anything; that we are all the frightened children of an unknown “Creator.” Perhaps it is time for us to turn within…to the heart…to that beating, pulsating organ at the center of our beings…whose activity or stillness defines life or death.

Perhaps the heart is the holder of the meaning of life…Toni Roberts


(Copyright: 1/23/2019-Toni Roberts)



On This 911 Day of Prayer And Remembrance of the 2,996, Precious American Lives Lost…Let Us Also Remember…

altar 023

Healing Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts


and pray for the souls of:

♥ the millions of Native Americans…men…women…and children slaughtered in the bloody massacre called the “discovery of America…”

♥ the more than 200,00 men women and children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima evaporated by the only nation in the history of the planet to exterminate human life with the atomic bomb in order to protect “democracy and the free world…”

♥ the millions…too numerable to count of Africans… slaughtered, enslaved, tortured…lynched and otherwise dehumanized…both abroad and on these American shores…upon whose bloodied bodies and wretched souls this “great nation” was built…

♥ the millions upon millions of human lives lost in wars…past and present…wars based on American lies, deceit and subterfuge…wars declared in the name of American greed and America’s unrelenting determination to maintain world domination and global corporate power…no matter what…

♥ the unknown number of heads-of-states…past and present…assassinated by America’s CIA…in order to maintain American global control and dominance…

♥ the thousands of unarmed African American men…women…and yes…children…present and past…some within the illusory safety of their homes…murdered by the American Police Force

♥ the nearly 70,000 African American men…women…and yes…children…now incarcerated in a modern system of state and corporate sponsored slavery…America…now the world leader in the number of its citizens behind bars…

and may we never cease remembering John Kennedy…Martin Luther King…Robert Kennedy…men who would have redirected the course of this nation from its path of evil for the sake of global dominance…to one of peace…love…unity…and brotherhood among all men…

apparently, America has not yet learned anything from the tragedy of 911…

let us all then pray that we open our eyes as one people united against evil…before we are all consumed by FIRE from the West…and FLOODS…from the East…

let us pray that America awakens and repents…

let us pray for the awakening of a National Conscience…and for the beginning of a true adherence to the Basic Principles of Christian Brotherhood and Peace that Americans so blithely mouth but have never followed…or demanded of those men in high places who continue to lie, plunder and murder…in the name POWER and the Almighty Dollar

That is my prayer for America on this Tuesday, September 11, 2018…this day of remembrance…



Part II…A New Creation Tale…

full moon image stock photo

Full Moon; Stock Photo


Part Two

One day, as was expected, the Wise Being and Her Consort were summoned by the Creatress. It appeared that the Wise Being’s Work on earth was done. She was now needed in another part of the multiverse to help establish a new world. The Couple left behind Their four Daughters, Who each settled in one of the four Lands of the earth and took an earth creature as mate and companion. The Daughters of the Wise Being and Her Holy Consort subsequently gave birth to many more Daughters, who, in turn, married earth creatures and produced many, many, many more Daughters down through the Ages to this very day.

The earth is now filled with the descendant daughters of the daughters of the Daughters of the Daughters of the Wise Being and Her Holy Consort. They are everywhere. And although you cannot know them by the color of their skin, the shape of their noses or by the languages they speak—for they are of all nations and cultures. Rest assured…they are here among us.

So, fear not, even as the fear-motivated warriors rant, rave, make war and reign death and destruction upon the earth and its peoples…threatening the very planet with annihilation. Worry not as the military-prison-pharmaceutical-industrial captains defile and pollute our beloved Gaia.

Be at peace and of goodwill in the midst of the madness, for the daughters of the Wise Being are rapidly awakening from centuries-long sleep. They are coming into the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of who they are and why they are here-now.

And before irreparable damage can be done, the awakened daughters of the Wise Being will band together, sister with sister in a global network…and guided by Their Ancient Mother, they will restore upon the earth—and all of its creatures—the PeaceLove Beauty,  Justice and Harmony that prevailed in the beginning…when the Holy Mother reigned

The end…For now…

(Copyright 2013; Toni Roberts)

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Artwork & Photo by Toni Roberts

Artwork & Photo
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