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Bessie Smith…My Sister-Friend, Vera…And I…

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Thank you
Sister-friend, Vera
For an evening of
Body-mind-soul nourishment
As we watched last eve
The HBO movie: Bessie Smith
Winner of the Toni Roberts’ Award for
The best beginning of many more movies to come that tell
Our Stories

The varied…multi-faceted…multidimensional stories of
From Bessie Smith to Michelle Obama
And all those before…in-between…and after

Thank you, my beloved sister-friend
For the food that nourished my body
And for the deeply loving and abiding friendship
That nourishes my soul

You are indeed the sister I never had
The one to whom I may not have spoken in weeks…or months…
But who, after long absences welcomes me and sits with me
In comprehending silence
As we watch together a Bessie Smith made for HBO movie starring Queen Latifa
A movie that tells my story…your storyour story
A universal tale of Life born in pain
And lived in endless cycles of Death and Rebirth

Thank you, my sister-friend
Thank you for being there…
Thank you for your presence
Thank you for your understanding silence
Thank you for your generosity of spirit…

You, Vera,
Are a perfect and uniquely individualized manifestation of

May the Mother of us all
The Bringer of Life
Continue to ex-press
Inas…and through you
In ever-expanding ripples of
Healing Love…

Through all Space and Time

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