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Being A Woman Is a Political Act!

All Art Is Political – Collage/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Available for purchase:



At My Window Altar…

new altar shots 012

Window Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts







new altar shots 028

Window Altar II – Photo by Toni Roberts


that there is nothing to do



nowhere to go



no one to  become but
















Rainy Days And Sundays…


Poder Feminina Africana*  – Photo by Toni Roberts

always wake me up!

*African Feminine Power

I Am Learning To Lean Into…

Awakening; Artwork and Photo by Toni Roberts

Awakening; Artwork and Photo by Toni Roberts



to fully




to let it




leaving me



Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

A Bit Of Thanksgiving Day Insight And Logic…

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts


We are all made in the image of

The Divine...

We are all reflections of the Creator of all we behold…

That would include the female of the species…


The Creator cannot be male


The Creator,

Must contain both male and female attributes…


Isn’t it about time that we



Stop worshiping at the altar of


Isn’t it time we wake up to the

Goddess side of the God

Who dwells within all of us?

It is no wonder the world is all

Half-assed and going off half-cocked

Towards total destruction

For we’ve turned the whole game over to males:





Wake up women!

(And you men of wisdom who walk beside us)

Get with the program!

Let’s save this thing before we all go down…

Know that you are


Holy vessels of the

One Life

Reflections of That in which we



And have our


Join me.

Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

A Return To The Mother…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

No more of this
Left-brain living
This masculine way of being

I return to the Heart
To the Mother
To Earth
To That Which Brings Forth New Life

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

I am WoMan
Here to manifest
The Goddess on Earth

Too long have I mimicked
The way of man
Dis-serving my Wholeness by abandoning
This Yin way of being

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

The Times now demand
A reawakening of the
Divine Feminine
A redirecting of the
Course of humanity

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

It is time for us to embrace

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

It is time for us to know that we are one
The same Being
Individualized into
Myriad Points of Light

It is time for us to use our words
Instead of fists of rage

It is time we give up our need to be right
Even when we know we are

It is a time for giving thanks
For the fruit upon our plates

Time to tap into the innate wisdom we possess
To plant in fertile soil
The seeds therein
Nurturing those seedlings
As they magically transform into
Next year’s harvest

Thus we become
As we revel in the bountiful generosity of
The Mother

Lunes…2nd Day Of Retreat…

altar 5 12 2014 007

Altar One 5 12 2014

Una vez mas

Yo y La Diosa…



Es un dia de…

 Self-knowledge and


Knowing it’s all about the journey…

About the unnecessary baggage we pack and drag along

Heavy baggage of place…


And times long past…

Memories and hurts that weigh us down…

Keeping us from  taking flight…

From soaring above the petty concerns of the


altar two 5 12 2014

altar two 5 12 2014

Es un dia de…

Confidence and self-assurance…

A day of  inner guidance and direction…

A day in which I maintain a posture of

Surrender and Submission to

The Holy One

Who dwells within my


A Goddess Among Mortals…

the richness of natural stones, hand-blown glass beads, African Trade beads and more...

the richness of natural stones, hand-blown glass beads, African Trade beads and more…







A Goddess among mortals! How a woman can feel wearing this multi-stone, triple strand beauty! This is the third in a series of unique necklaces I am handcrafting and offering to women of like-spirit!

This piece features: lavender quartz for third-eye stimulation and personality integration; carnelian to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision and amethyst for a clear aura, stability, strength and peace; in addition to a plethora of vintage beads and stones.

Another heirloom piece to be worn by generations of powerful women.

Please direct purchasing inquiries to Toni Roberts at: Reference #: 032013/triplestrand














Let Your Inner Goddess Shine This Holiday Season!

Vintage Magnifying Glass Pendant

Vintage Magnifying Glass Pendant

Rose quartz to attract LOVE!

Turquoise for creativity and sharpened intuition

Malachite for spiritual transformation

Hematite for sharp mind and enhanced memory

Swarovski Crystals for that sparkle of femininity

Collector's Item Pendant

Collector’s Item Pendant

First in a series of unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces handcrafted by Toni Roberts

Easy Open-Close Sterling Silver Clasp

Easy Open-Close Sterling Silver Clasp

Direct Purchasing Inquiries to Toni Roberts at:

Reference Number: 012013

(Coyright 2013 Toni Roberts; All rights reserved)

Watching The River Flow…

watching the river flow...

watching the river flow

Another day of

sitting here in my favorite spot…

watching the river flow.




Effortlessly pressing forward

despite the disturbance

less than two minutes ago

caused by

three water scooters racing

along its surface.

I wonder…

had the river not been disturbed by those scooters,

wouldn’t it now be calm? At peace?

Its movement imperceptible to my eyes?

Is what I perceive as a disturbance

as a negative occurrence–

in truth–neither good nor bad

as regards the life of the river?

The boys have had their fun

and the river, now adjusting to the “disturbance”

is slowly falling back into equilibrium…

into its natural rhythm.

The “disturbance” has not in the least

veered the river from its steady course or

made it different from what it is.

And so, I take a lesson this day from the river

and allow  every person, event, experience, emotion and


to pass through me as easily

as those  boys passed through the river below…

leaving it ultimately untouched, undisturbed

and pressing ever forward

in an unobstructed flow

towards its destiny.

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