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A Goddess Among Mortals…

the richness of natural stones, hand-blown glass beads, African Trade beads and more...

the richness of natural stones, hand-blown glass beads, African Trade beads and more…







A Goddess among mortals! How a woman can feel wearing this multi-stone, triple strand beauty! This is the third in a series of unique necklaces I am handcrafting and offering to women of like-spirit!

This piece features: lavender quartz for third-eye stimulation and personality integration; carnelian to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision and amethyst for a clear aura, stability, strength and peace; in addition to a plethora of vintage beads and stones.

Another heirloom piece to be worn by generations of powerful women.

Please direct purchasing inquiries to Toni Roberts at: Reference #: 032013/triplestrand














Season Of Thanksgiving…

new awakenings...

new awakenings…

new day

new dawn

new awakenings

new understanding





new foundations for being

the river...late fall...

the river…late fall…


everything in flux again

trees changing color and shape daily

this scene, which just weeks ago

days ago?

was lush with the ostentatious ridiculousness of early fall

now pale and emaciated echoes of what was

death slowly encroaching

season of change

of metamorphosis


I hear whispers

see you in the next life

the one that awaits you just around the corner

of coming winter

Journal Entry Dated: February 18, 2008


I notice that I become antsy and impatient when the action stops; when there is a lull–a time of waiting.

I must learn to lean into these moments of quiet waiting with gratitude, for these are my moments of healing.  Like the ebb and flow of the river below,  its tide rolling in and out; inflow-outflow; action-inaction; movement-rest. This is my time to rejuvenate; to accumulate the energy it will take to travel back and forth to Greenwich, CT; to sit with the chemo drip for three hours. This is the time I need to allow the drugs, Isis and God to do Their work on mind, body and soul.

All is in God’s Time. I must remember that and stop trying to push the river…just let it flow, Toni, just let it flow…

But doubt creeps in; must let go, get back to faith and trust in God-Isis within; trust in this process…this journey. It is divinely-directed and I must fear not.

This is where it all began. Sitting at my window altar overlooking my beloved river. A long, ongoing journey of transformation. Reconfiguring who I am and the why of my being. Choosing life or death. Yes, it is a conscious choice. The one I had to make after those chilling, mind-numbing words finally hit home: “I’m afraid it’s breast cancer, Toni.”

view of my beloved

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