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For Those In The Process Of Awakening…

Daughters of Gaia – Collage/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Those learning to feel safe in a world gone berserk

Those unclenchingletting go…releasing..

Those learning to trust in that which one cannot seetastetouch…or hear

Those learning to have Faith in that which defies the rational mind

Know that it is all PROCESS…this AWAKENING…this coming to recognize what is REAL…and what is but humanmade

This recognition of this three-dimensional reality…this world of glitzglamourhunger and nothing more thanPRODUCT…manufactured by the Collective Imagination of Humanity

Be easy on yourself…


Take time to be still

Be gentle with yourself as you gain the Vision of  a heretofore hidden WORLD…

That gives birthto this physical one…you once believed so real


Know that you are not CRAZY

You are finally AWAKENING from a lifetime of slumber


Ase and Goddess bless. 

Toni Roberts

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