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A Few Words To The Wise Among Us…


Las Damas de los Cielos – Altar Arrangement and Photograph by Toni Roberts

People are not the SOURCE of what we NEED...

Our needs are met through people…by means of them…

People are the  transmitters…the vehicles by which the answers to our needs come to us…from an InvisibleInexhaustibleSUPPLYA non-discriminating SOURCE of ALL GOOD from which everyone may draw all  that s/he needs

Not necessarily wants

But needs


What is yourscomes to you…you do not have to chase it…or lust after it…

For it will seek you out…and find you…

Your job is to be stillto ask within…and then listen with patience for instructions


(Hope these words to the Wise are more than sufficient in your search to find personal meaning in the madness.)

Toni Roberts


Ode To The Great Mystery Of Life…

morning altar evening river 005

Morning Prayers – Altar Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts


Divine One


Holy Mother


Creator of all there is…


All Knowing One

by any NameOh, Holy One

You are the Same One Source

of Life ItSelf...

to You…I surrender this Being


The Only Sin…

Sunset over the Long Island Sound 1/17/15; Photo by Toni Roberts

Sunset over the Long Island Sound 1/17/15; Photo by Toni Roberts


is the sin of separation

from the

One Source

   of all there is

Stay connected–create!

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