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It Is Time…


Sacred Moments – Photography by Toni Roberts

We are at a Tipping Point

We’ve reached Critical Mass

Our only hope now lies in CONSCIOUSNESS

In the Invisible Realm

With the GREAT MYSTERY that gives birth to this Human Dimension of Being


It is Time to release this mass illusion of CONTROL

Time to LET GO



To seek within for the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary for the un-creation of the despairturmoil…and misery that we humans have created…with the power of our fear-driven Egos

 It is Time for us to cease all of this Patriarchal posturing

It is Time for us to admit that we are lost in a sea of confusion…with only ourselves to blame

 It is Time to “Enter our Closets…”

And to “Ask…SeekKnockWithin…”

To then…to be still…and to listen to the Words of the quiet Voice that speaks to us in the Silence…at the center of our Being

It is Time to follow the Directives of the One…Creative…Intelligent…Energy underlying all there iswhich lives within each of our hearts…giving us Life...Breath...Being

It is Time

It is past Time

Toni Roberts

“Be Still And Know…”

Creation – Collage/Pencil Drawing/Photograph by Toni Roberts

It is no accident that so many of us are now “WOKE”…or being rapidly awakened 

For it is these very “pandemic” times for which the awakened ones came…

Now…more than ever before…it is imperative that we learn to be still

 Now is the Time to restrain those insistent urges and impulses to do somethingAnything

 Now is not the Time for action…but for being still…for listening within for instructions on how to move forward 

Now is the Time for allowing the underlying…CreativeLife Sustaining ENERGY to move one’s Being into timely Right Action…into Divinely-led Doing

 These “pandemicTimes are for enduring

For staying connected to the Source of all Life…despite whatever may be happening in the world 

It is Time for those who know who they are

To simply “Be still

And know…”


 Așe and Goddess bless…

Toni Roberts


Change Your Consciousness And Change Your Life…

Morning Prayers – Altar/Photography by Toni Roberts

You are the creator of all that you experience

Including the condition of your body

Your life

Your finances

So stop bellyaching…symbolically and literally

And get to work clearing out all of that mentalemotional…and spiritual garbage to which you’ve been clinging all of your life…

Let in some fresh Creative Energy


Consciousness is the only Creative Force



view 004

Hutchinson River; Wetlands & Long Island Sound – 1/5/18 – Photo by Toni Roberts


like my beloved river

I too am frozen in time…


altar 039

Bear Totem & La Madonna – Photo by Toni Roberts

in retreat

like Bear

I take refuge in my cave of isolation

in this time of hibernation

this trancelike state in which I rest

as new life

develops and grows within

crafted and shaped by

Unseen Hands of an Invisible Creator


like Bear

it is not I who doeth the




and the eventual



of what is new and vital and necessary

for the continued success of this

mysterious venture




following the 

Creative Directive

of an

Unseen Force















I Am Learning How…

import 9 9 17 012

Rock Garden – Photo by Toni Roberts





with this




with the

Creative Intelligence





















“ALTARED” AT MY ALTAR…Incoming Message…

view from my altar

view from my altar

It is what it is

I can only help what it is

become better than it is

by breathing through my heart…

by connecting to my heart


with feeling…

for my heart is the Portal through which

angelic energies

enter this realm.

In this way

I serve as a true channel of the One Creative Force

in which we live, breathe and have our being.

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