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It Is Time…


Sacred Moments – Photography by Toni Roberts

We are at a Tipping Point

We’ve reached Critical Mass

Our only hope now lies in CONSCIOUSNESS

In the Invisible Realm

With the GREAT MYSTERY that gives birth to this Human Dimension of Being


It is Time to release this mass illusion of CONTROL

Time to LET GO



To seek within for the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary for the un-creation of the despairturmoil…and misery that we humans have created…with the power of our fear-driven Egos

 It is Time for us to cease all of this Patriarchal posturing

It is Time for us to admit that we are lost in a sea of confusion…with only ourselves to blame

 It is Time to “Enter our Closets…”

And to “Ask…SeekKnockWithin…”

To then…to be still…and to listen to the Words of the quiet Voice that speaks to us in the Silence…at the center of our Being

It is Time to follow the Directives of the One…Creative…Intelligent…Energy underlying all there iswhich lives within each of our hearts…giving us Life...Breath...Being

It is Time

It is past Time

Toni Roberts

As I Sit Gazing At My Beloved River…


A Storm A-Brewing – Photography by Toni Roberts

It occurs to me as I sit at my Altar…beholding in wonderment…the ever-changing beauty…Of my Beloved River

That the obstacles we humans now face…cannot be pummeled into submission by the sheer…Violent Force of our Human Will…or Anger 


 For beating our collective heads against the insurmountable mountain of troubles now confronting us…Will simply give us a headache

 Then how…I ask…do we escape the horror…the devastation of what is coming towards us from a-not-too-distant future? 


My questions are answered in the Silence

PeaceBe still…for Understanding is not contained within the rational mind of wo/man…

But accessed via the Silence of the Heart


Allow that same MysteriousIntelligentCreative Force

That moves your Beloved River

To also guide you…


The Way to Salvation shall then unfold

InAs…and Through…all that you ThinkSayFeel…or Do




 Let go of all false human notions of what is Wise…and Good… and Holy


Stop doing

Simply Be

For you are a Human Being

And not a Human Doing



Therein lies the Secret and the Way Out of all this misery that Man has wrought


We must simply learn…




Toni Roberts


The Highest Form Of Doing…


Altar Arrangement and Photograph by Toni Roberts

is being who you are…

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