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Light Breaking Through – Photo by Toni Roberts


I let go of



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Light & Dark: Battle Eternal – Photo by Toni Roberts

to practice






I Am Learning…

fog la pareja etc 002

Reflections – Photo by Toni Roberts


to permit


fog la pareja etc 030

Fog Rolling In – Photo by Toni Roberts


each moment of my life

   to unfold…


fog la pareja etc 036

La Pareja Con El Arte de Kathy Vega – Photo by Toni Roberts


   as it may





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On Death By Suicide…

river post davin 3 18 16 012

River…Post-Davin; photo by Toni Roberts; copyright 2016

the loss of my beloved grandson

who last month

at the tender age of twenty-one


free will

his by divine right

and chose to exit this world quickly…

via a bullet to the head...

Got me thinking about

death by suicide…

and how all humans leave this realm

via death by suicide

   consciously…by their own hand

or unconsciously…

blaming their leave-taking on Fate or “God…”

forgetting that we are all creatures of

free will

   and that nothing

not even death is imposed upon us by some

mysterious all-powerful Force

It is we who knowingly or unknowingly

create these painful, ghastly, unimaginable  dis-eases

that debilitate and devour our our bodies

system by system…

organ by organ…

in a slow death by suicide...

Indeed…by the use or misuse of free will…

all death is by our daily decisions and choices

although my heart breaks at the thought of the degree of unendurable psychic pain

that drove my beloved to so quickly end this earthly sojourn…

this shared here-now…

I grant him his right of

conscious exercise of 


And I here-now bless the Essence of the boy-man I so loved

on Its continued journey

Spent All Day Photographing The River And…

river 1 16 16 068

Photo by Toni Roberts 1/16/16


releasing deep pain

I didn’t know remained


river 1 16 16 081

Photo by Toni Roberts 1/16/16

probably brushing it aside

in prayer and meditation

   whenever it came up…

as if the release of psychic pain

   is not an ongoing job…

river 1 16 16 046

Photo by Toni Roberts 1/16/16

   and so…

I have given myself this entire week


Saturday to Saturday




no business

   no telephone calls…

river 1 16 16 092

Photo by Toni Roberts 1/16/16


   just the





this profound sense of


for whom?

or what?

   can’t name it…

   only know that a part of me…


heavy load

I’ve carried deep within my heart

since the beginning of


   can now be released…

during this week of



   letting go...

this week of



    dying things

New Year…New Life…New Way of Being…

sunset 1 4 16 014

(photo by Toni Roberts)

I spent so many years of my life

turned outward

looking to the world for a way out of the




searching outside of


for the answers…

      for the solutions to life’s dilemmas…

   another job…

   in the classroom…

   out of the classroom…

   to the corporate world…


the non-profits!

back and forth up and down round and round

until finally




   knocked down…but not out…

by stage 3 breast cancer

   I gave up…

   gave in…







   in the first place…

sunset 1 4 16 004

(photo by Toni Roberts)

  and since then…

IT and i

   have been caught up in a loving embrace…

totally and completely



i have relinquished the lead

and now follow that

   Inner Directive…

   right out of the box of the past…

into a new year

a new life

   a new way of being

Happy 2016 to one and all!

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