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Was This Not…

rainy day 021

Rainy Day Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts

an even more delicious day

   than the sunshine and calm blue skies of yesterday?

rainy day 030

Indoors On A Rainy Day – Photo by Toni Roberts





noisy splatters of raindrops


boisterous winds

intruding upon the


of  my




clear away the debris that clogs the mind and soul

whip up the waters!

cleanse this vessel!

ready it for the

Holy Work

   for which the Soul has come


I Am Learning To Lean Into…

Awakening; Artwork and Photo by Toni Roberts

Awakening; Artwork and Photo by Toni Roberts



to fully




to let it




leaving me



Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

In Other Words…

rehab grounds 8 30 15 038.JPG

Photo by Toni Roberts



is the






once the question has been asked

the questioner must remain

   silent and alert…

so as not to miss the opportunity...

   once the door swings open…

to enter a heretofore








a room filled to capacity with



Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

Gemini Moon…

full moon image stock photo

Full Moon; Stock Photo


   Gemini Moon…

in the fullness of

Your Light

the hidden self

   is revealed…

and as the dark self wanes before

   Your Brilliance…


Goddess Self


illuminating the world

with the

    Healing Light


   Your Love…

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

I Am Slowly Learning…

river 9 16 14 008

Hutchinson River, Bx., NY; Photo by Toni Roberts

to stop trying to push

the rivers of my life…

   to simply let them





   arriving at their own destinations…

   unfolding in their own time…

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

How To Fly…


Man In A Glass Box; photo by Toni Roberts


deconstruct the

current box in which you

livebreathe…and have your being…

release the stories you tell

about: yourselfyour lifeyour past

stories that confine…restrict

prevent you from taking flight

like the free spirit you came this way

to be


tear down the box you have built around yourself

that allows you to maintain the

illusion of safety within the confines of a

crazed and fear-filled mind

teeming with false beliefs and

wild imaginings…

release the tales of past events

you tell to all who will listen…

cease the righteous picking and re-picking of scabs from

wounds half-healed

ignore the box in which your neighbor is confined…

and the larger one within which

the world is encased

gaze not upon

the boxes of the Others

who so enrageinfuriate…irritate

as they infringe upon and restrict

the expansion of your own beloved box…

disturbing the bliss of infatuation with your

own story

still your mind

quiet your tongue

eliminate: I…my…me…mine

from your vocabulary…

thus you shall begin the dismantling of

the box that confines and restricts your being

preventing you from taking flight

like the free spirit you came this way

to be

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:

Bessie Smith…My Sister-Friend, Vera…And I…

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Thank you
Sister-friend, Vera
For an evening of
Body-mind-soul nourishment
As we watched last eve
The HBO movie: Bessie Smith
Winner of the Toni Roberts’ Award for
The best beginning of many more movies to come that tell
Our Stories

The varied…multi-faceted…multidimensional stories of
From Bessie Smith to Michelle Obama
And all those before…in-between…and after

Thank you, my beloved sister-friend
For the food that nourished my body
And for the deeply loving and abiding friendship
That nourishes my soul

You are indeed the sister I never had
The one to whom I may not have spoken in weeks…or months…
But who, after long absences welcomes me and sits with me
In comprehending silence
As we watch together a Bessie Smith made for HBO movie starring Queen Latifa
A movie that tells my story…your storyour story
A universal tale of Life born in pain
And lived in endless cycles of Death and Rebirth

Thank you, my sister-friend
Thank you for being there…
Thank you for your presence
Thank you for your understanding silence
Thank you for your generosity of spirit…

You, Vera,
Are a perfect and uniquely individualized manifestation of

May the Mother of us all
The Bringer of Life
Continue to ex-press
Inas…and through you
In ever-expanding ripples of
Healing Love…

Through all Space and Time

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