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If We Humans Would But Learn…

The Light within the Darkness – Photograph by Toni Roberts

Once and for all

That we are not First Cause

But rather…the agents…the instruments…the tools…the vehicles...










Let us first assume our proper place within this Great Mystery of Life







Toni Roberts


It Is Time…

“Creation” – Pencil Drawing – Collage – Photograph by Toni Roberts

As the old structures to which we’d love to cling…are being destroyed

Torn down before our unbelieving eyes…

As old and sure beliefs appear suddenly outmoded

And out of step with the Times

As the sure borders of our world begin to disappear into the distant horizon…

And a once familiar landscape becomes hazy…and uncertain

These are the signals that it is Time

Time for us to let go of all things Past

Time for us to take a Collective Leap of Faith into the Chasm

Time for us to embrace the Unknown Darkness of a Future that is ours to Shape…and Reform


Our Future lies in the hands of those of us brave enough to embrace It

Will you take that Leap with me!?


Toni Roberts


It Is Time…


Sacred Moments – Photography by Toni Roberts

We are at a Tipping Point

We’ve reached Critical Mass

Our only hope now lies in CONSCIOUSNESS

In the Invisible Realm

With the GREAT MYSTERY that gives birth to this Human Dimension of Being


It is Time to release this mass illusion of CONTROL

Time to LET GO



To seek within for the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary for the un-creation of the despairturmoil…and misery that we humans have created…with the power of our fear-driven Egos

 It is Time for us to cease all of this Patriarchal posturing

It is Time for us to admit that we are lost in a sea of confusion…with only ourselves to blame

 It is Time to “Enter our Closets…”

And to “Ask…SeekKnockWithin…”

To then…to be still…and to listen to the Words of the quiet Voice that speaks to us in the Silence…at the center of our Being

It is Time to follow the Directives of the One…Creative…Intelligent…Energy underlying all there iswhich lives within each of our hearts…giving us Life...Breath...Being

It is Time

It is past Time

Toni Roberts

You Are The Fuel…


Sunset From My Sacred Space – Photograph by Toni Roberts

That feeds the Divine Flame that burns within

Toni Roberts


Wisdom From The Mother…

A Gathering of Spirit Power – Artwork/Photography by Toni Roberts

We must learn to turn our bodies over to the Inner Physician







Inner Healer


Creatress of all Life

And thus avoid falling victim to cultural myths of Old age
















Toni Roberts



Meditation On Human Purpose…


Sacred Space – Altar Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Ever wonder what your role is on this Soul-Bound-in Flesh Journey of Mystery…?

Your Purpose in being…?


One awakens one day asking…who am I…?

For what earthly purpose has my Soul chosen imprisonment in this “flesh suit…?”

Why have I been thrust into this world of combatturmoilconfusion…and chaos…?

Why do I find myself in this Herenow…?

What purpose can I possibly serve in the bedlam…?

In a world gone mad…?


It is then…simply by the asking…that the answer appears

And one knowsbeyond any doubt…that we who suddenly become conscious

Finding ourselves Earthbound in  “suits of flesh…”

Are here to awakensurrender…and serve

That Which Fuels All LIFE


And so…without a second thought…one offers up all of one’s being

BodyMindSoul…as Fuel…to keep the Fire of Life ItSelf Burning…

For all Eternity

Toni Roberts


A Few Words To The Wise Among Us…


Las Damas de los Cielos – Altar Arrangement and Photograph by Toni Roberts

People are not the SOURCE of what we NEED...

Our needs are met through people…by means of them…

People are the  transmitters…the vehicles by which the answers to our needs come to us…from an InvisibleInexhaustibleSUPPLYA non-discriminating SOURCE of ALL GOOD from which everyone may draw all  that s/he needs

Not necessarily wants

But needs


What is yourscomes to you…you do not have to chase it…or lust after it…

For it will seek you out…and find you…

Your job is to be stillto ask within…and then listen with patience for instructions


(Hope these words to the Wise are more than sufficient in your search to find personal meaning in the madness.)

Toni Roberts


Reclaiming Our WomanPower…

In Contemplation of Goddess-Hood – Pencil Drawing-Cutout-Collage-Staging-Photography by Toni Roberts

The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine…

The GOAL is to become a…



Unsullied vessel

An Instrument


Vehicle…of the Re-Awakened Divine Feminine Principle

She…Whose Healing Waters are being boiled into steam by the Destructive Fires of Her Holy Mate…the Divine Masculine

 The return of our Goddess will usher in The Healing

Life on Earth will then be returned to what it was in the Beginning

Before the advent of the PATRIARCHY

 Before the destruction of all that was gentlehealingnurturinglovingcreativejoyfulpeacefilledunifyingharmoniouswhole and balanced…

Both in the Multiverse… and on the Earth


Let HER be reborn in the Silence of your Heart…this Holy Mother of All There Is

For what comes from man…who has no “womb” is…harshwoundingdestructivefearfilledfearfulhatefulinharmonious… and unbalanced


Let New Life be born from the Holy Womb of the MotherCreatressDivine Feminine…from She who dwells in that Holy Place within the Human Heart

Go there…Meet Her in the SILENCE

Let Her Speak New Life Into BeingInas…and through all that you thinksayfeeldo… and ARE

Become One with the Mother of Life

Ase and Goddess bless…

 Toni Roberts


Man Has Made Quite A Mess Of Things…

fall altar 064

Flowers On Window Altar – Arrangement/Photography by Toni Roberts

Gaia is now cleaning House

The Planet is reOrdering ItSelf

And NO…It does not need your help right now…

So take this Time to get yourSelf in Order

Be still

Take deep breaths

Learn to be at peace

Remember…just like the river…you can’t push Life…So let It flow...It knows what It is doing…and where It is going

Your job…is to  breathe

Be at peace...

Let go

For the only thing you CAN control is…


Toni Roberts


This Is Not The Time…

Divine Feminine Rising – Pencil Drawing/Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts

For man to attempt to bend Reality to human Will

But more than ever before….

The Time has come for humanity to BEND to the WILL of the TIMES


Or…as they used to say…in my day…

Just go with the Flow…”


(“A word to wise is more than sufficient…”)

Toni Roberts


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