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Was This Not…

rainy day 021

Rainy Day Altar – Photo by Toni Roberts

an even more delicious day

   than the sunshine and calm blue skies of yesterday?

rainy day 030

Indoors On A Rainy Day – Photo by Toni Roberts





noisy splatters of raindrops


boisterous winds

intruding upon the


of  my




clear away the debris that clogs the mind and soul

whip up the waters!

cleanse this vessel!

ready it for the

Holy Work

   for which the Soul has come

Rainy Days And Sundays…


Poder Feminina Africana*  – Photo by Toni Roberts

always wake me up!

*African Feminine Power


clouds 10 18 15 033

Photo by Toni Roberts





After The Rain…Light…Understanding…

after the rain...

after the rain…


Instead of drumming this Saturday, I spent quiet time at my window altar–with the river.

Rising above the chatter of my “monkey brain,” I sat in the peaceful silence of my rain-washed world–listening within:

This drumming, my dear–just like the words that you write–comes through you. You, the ego-personality, are not the owner of your creative productions. The words, and sounds come through you from a Source that also determines the why, what, when, where and how of it all.

Do not attempt to order your gifts; trying to determine whence they come and go.

Life is not yours to order. It is yours to remain open, receptive and in service to That Which lies behind, beneath, above and at each side of all form. 

You are learning to understand–and more importantly–to accept and live a reality which is the only authentic Reality there is.

It is a process of opening the heart in trust and releasing the pain you did not know was there.

It is truly living from the inside out: letting your 3-D world unfold in, as and through you; bypassing the ego.

It is not the human way  of being. 

It is a process of “un-conditioning” the mind.

Have patience with yourself.

I am with you.

We are with you.

Behind Every Cloud…

One of the things that makes life so thrilling and exciting

is that I know–that behind

every mystery…

every fear and unanswered question…

behind every dark, ominous cloud

behind every cloud…

no matter how bleak and threatening it may appear…

behind every cloud (two)…

the sun shines brilliantly…

clouds are temporary…

they pass

with or without

releasing their cleansing waters…

behind every cloud (three)…

but the sun–the sun is forever…

permanent…steady…never-failing…constant and consistent..





revealing gift after gift

to surprised and unsuspecting eyes…

replacing the hum-drum repetitive sameness

of an ego-driven existence

with the joy of




of one’s deepest

most secret

dreams and desires...

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