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Manufactured In The U.S….

imported sat 9 16 054

Clouds Of Hope II – Photo by Toni Roberts


seek what money cannot buy…

’tis not a palatial home for which I yearn…

one overlooking the beauty of the sea…

nor is it a big and fancy car…

or parties in Dubai…

with the rich…famous…and powerful…

nor furs…nor gold…nor blood diamonds do I desire…


none of that for which the common wo/man yearns…

’tis very simple…this dream of mine…this daily prayer…this deep desire of the heart:

’tis that my grandchildren may never know the roar of war planes above…

that reign down bombs…

forever demolishing their illusion of a safe…American…middle-class life…


may my babies never know the ravages of war in the homeland…

as do millions of children…throughout our world…

who now die horrible and shameful deaths…

from wars and weaponsmanufactured in the U. S


may the children of my children continue to live their lives of innocence…

untainted by the evil performed in their names…

untouched by the atrocities committed to “keep them safe…”

according to the meaningless chant of the warmongers who rule this home of the free…

this land of the brave…


may the innocent souls of my grandbabies be spared BITCH KARMA

when SHE pays that inevitable visit to America











Let us Stop Giving Evil the Power of Our Attention…

sunset 048


And instead…

let us humans use

the power of a unifiedlaser-likefocusedcollective attention

on what is

goodpure…and Holy

to send Evil scurrying back

into the darkness-of-Nothingness…

from which it came…


Remembering The Murders Of Three Great Men…

Golden Sunset – Photo by Toni Roberts

Often in the evening, I sit at my altar before the magnificence of this view to watch the sun as it sets. Last night as I watched the setting sun, I remembered that we were coming up on the anniversary of the murder of Bobby Kennedy on June 5, 1968. Three the good men: Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and President Jack Kennedy all of whom, at a key point in our history, would have most certainly turned the tide of future events (the election of the current President among them). All three of these men were at the verge of bringing real unity to the country in times of great racial upheaval. All three preached a unifying, holistic message. And with the death of the last of these crusaders for peace and equality, the way was made clear for the election of evil (Richard Nixon) into the White House. We have never, as a nation found our way back to the high goals and ideals of these three men. Obama, an African American in a racially divided nation never stood a chance.

And look at who’s leading us now. A hate-filled, hate-spewing, bigoted, sexist, racist, under-educated, blow-hard. The murderous enemies of the Fallen Trinity of Peace and Unification have won. Or so it would appear. Those who pull the “behind-the-scene-strings” have us exactly where they need us to remain: hating one another; racially and religiously divided; and unwilling or unable to listen to each other. Just look at us. Let us take a long, hard look at ourselves. Are we not individually and collectively better than this?

What are We, the People, going to do now? How long will we remain blind sheep following the hatred-spewing messages of those leading us to our own slaughter? And to the death of all that is good and holy and honorable in this nation. How long will we sleep walk as we are led by evil into the death of a nation that still has the potential of serving as a shining example to the rest of the world of a united people. United not by skin color, ethnicity or religion but by our common humanity.  In the final analysis, this is still—although perhaps not for long—a democracy…for, by and of the people.

And so, the next move is up to us, the people. We can still make this nation a shining example of peace, justice, unity and love in memory of three truly great men: President John Kennedy, Prophet Martin Luther King and most the honorable, Senator Bobby Kennedy; the blood of all three sacrificed at the altar of Evil.

Our only remaining powers are: (1) the exercise of our right to VOTE in the next elections (2) to encourage every eighteen-year-old we know to VOTE (3) those of you who are so inclined…run for office in your community. Let us change the face of politics.

Taking A Walk…

outside view 002

My Neighborhood – Photo by Toni Roberts


through my neighborhood…


outside view 004

My Neighborhood II – Photo by Toni Roberts


it’s a day like today

that makes me realize

just how


I am…


outside view 007

My Neighborhood III – Photo by Toni Roberts


to be able to enjoy such






outside view 018

My Neighborhood IV – Photo by Toni Roberts





and other such












cell phone view 017

Enlightenment – Photo by Toni Roberts



continue to be



cell phone view 030

Peace – Photo by Toni Roberts


we constitute a




The Invisible Substance Of Beingness

artwork river 10 14 14 036

Creation – Penci Drawing/Photo by Toni Roberts

I strongly suspect

that all that I refer to as:




is merely an



into which










Each Time This Prodigal Daughter Returns Home…

jewelry shots plus old crone 3 4 13 015

The Ol’ Crone Who Resides Within – Original drawing/photo by Toni Roberts

to the


she finds


there to come





Yin To His…

artwork river 10 14 14 085

Awakening; Artwork and Photo by Toni Roberts



Artwork & Photography by Toni Roberts:

All Art is Political

Artwork & Photo by Toni Roberts

Artwork & Photo
by Toni Roberts


Your Creative Voice is the


of the








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