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Early Fall…A View From My Window…”

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

This exquisite view of the Hutchinson River

The Long Island Sound

And the ever-changing Wetlands

Never ceases to fascinate and enthrall

Day after day

Season after season

Year after year of my life


The shifts in my soul

That keep time with the changing seasons

Today is a day of honoring

Mother Nature as She

Signals the approach of


In a wild and vivid display of

Outrageous Color!

You go, Girl!

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Thank You…

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC;  photo by Toni Roberts

Sunset 11-28-14; Long Island Sound; NYC; photo by Toni Roberts


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Mother Nature

You have outdone yourself!

Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

walking in a winter wonderland...

walking in a winter wonderland…


beloved river...

beloved river…


braving the storm...

braving the storm…


where are the children?

where are the children?


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 074


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 078


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 079


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 082


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 089


one footstep???

one footstep???


foyer and snow 2 3 2014 104

Bathing In The Healing Waters Of Gratitude…Of Thanksgiving…

healing waters...

healing waters…

bathing in the healing waters of Gratitude during these days of Thanksgiving…

deep in the dwelling place of Silence



I am here-now

everywhere existing

as intelligent vibrating energy…

a force in motion…

Life Itself

unfolding from the inside out

without rhyme or reason…

making no sense at all

to the rational mind…

The Silence speaks

in shifting sensations

within my heart and solar plexus

words felt in flutters

that rush up

as tears of release…

shape-shifting into joy peace

grateful commitment to

a Nameless Power

a Glorious Mystery

unfolding in through as

all that I am…

as all that there is

I move forward in life

in the spirit of cooperation and love

knowing that all that comes my way…

comes my way

simply to pass

and that every situation…

and everyone within my sphere of influence

is blessed and changed for the better…

and for that–I am most grateful…

The Joy Of Being


Ah…the joy of being

Living from the inside out

Day by day

No script

No pre-decided course of action


No preferences or must-do’s

Just drifting along

Letting Life take whatever turns it may

Simply being

Ah…the joy of it


Sweet surrender to the Forces of Nature


Sustained by that which breathes the world into being

The wonder

The joy

The wondrous mystery of it all


This experience called


Being human on planet earth

My River At Twilight

my river at twilight

my river at twilight

river at twilight II

river at twilight II

just sitting here at my window altar

gazing at the beauty of my river at twilight…

feeling a peace that is indeed beyond understanding

for this day was certainly not without conflict

but despite it all

right now

life just couldn’t be any sweeter…

just sitting here at my window altar

gazing at the beauty of my river

at twilight…

The Bliss of Simply Being…

the significance of being...

the bliss of simply being…

I am learning the significance of…

experiencing the bliss of

simply being

No more striving towards noble goals

nor serving the needs of friend…family…or nation…

No dreaming dreams of future greatness

nor building monuments as testaments to

personal glory and fame…

No, none of that…

All former goals and desires

have passed away…

All earthly preoccupations

now fade…

leaving me








Reflections On A Rainy Day…


I am here to serve by being

I am part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding and expanding Creation

The more I quiet the intensity

of my human desires…

the more my will becomes one with the

Will of God

I owe God the proper upkeep of this body

and in order to do so

I must avail myself of every human means

until the body falls under the complete control of the Godhead


the indwelling Christ

at which time

the body is re-formed, re-newed and maintained

without interruption

I am here to serve as a


Behind Every Cloud…

One of the things that makes life so thrilling and exciting

is that I know–that behind

every mystery…

every fear and unanswered question…

behind every dark, ominous cloud

behind every cloud…

no matter how bleak and threatening it may appear…

behind every cloud (two)…

the sun shines brilliantly…

clouds are temporary…

they pass

with or without

releasing their cleansing waters…

behind every cloud (three)…

but the sun–the sun is forever…

permanent…steady…never-failing…constant and consistent..





revealing gift after gift

to surprised and unsuspecting eyes…

replacing the hum-drum repetitive sameness

of an ego-driven existence

with the joy of




of one’s deepest

most secret

dreams and desires...

Drumming in Marcus Garvey Park…

And yesterday…Saturday

after the gift of Friday with K. in Central Park

came the ecstasy of drumming in

Marcus Garvey Park

A Holy Circle of

modern-day santeros, babalawos, curanderas

women, men and children

who are called by

the Spirit of the Drum

Grandfather blessing my drum…

Gathering weekly to pay homage

to the Motherland: Africa

Lending body, mind and soul

as vehicles upon which the Orishas may ride…

Giving oneself up as intermediary

between the two worlds

vessels to be filled with the

Voice of Drum Spirit…

Holy Rhythms of Healing and Love

rippling out from the village of Harlem

in never ending circles…

through the city…

the nation…

the world…

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