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DesignsbyToniRoberts…2016 Collection


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“Mixed Ethnicity”


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Rare African Amber

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Pearls Plus!

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Coral Pendant

new pieces 010

Varied Beauties!

new pieces 016

Silver Heart

Email: for 2016 DesignsbyToniRoberts Catalog. Each one-of-a-kind necklace is lovingly handcrafted by Toni Roberts. To see more of the artist’s art and photography visit:

Ode To The Great Mother On Her Day…



Let us make of ourselves

Holy Passageways

From Heaven to Earth

Let us get in harmony

With the flow of Feminine Energy

Mother Energy




Let us be the salve that heals the




Let the Power of the

Great Mother of all there is

Bring peace and abundant blessings

To all of Her children

Let us honor Her

In all of Her Expressions:

The Oceans…


Mountains and Lakes…

The very Earth:

Gaia Herself

Upon whose Holy Body

We live and feed…

Let us be Her Representatives in the flesh…

Let us all…male and female…

All who profess to honor and love

Our flesh mothers…

Let us so honor the

Mother of Humanity…

The Ancient Mother-Goddess

Who birthed the

Universe Itself

And all of the



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